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Fire Jeremiah Donati

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Woke Frog, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. And have no doubt about it..... you or I could be the AD or CDC could still be the AD and things would still be going the way they are.
  2. You really think lack of content is the reason we lost. Seriously.
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  3. I don’t give a crap about his personal life - but our AD should

    Four of the five highest paid employees of our university sit in the athletic program- you get paid multiple 7 digits for coaching a sport, you don’t get a pass when you leave the office, don’t get to keep your buddies around because you “believe in them” despite 10 years of results or can’t pass on having a plan to fix why you haven’t been able to keep a recruit in the program

    that is except when you have a boss that you can effectively ignore when it matters because he doesn’t swing a big enough stick
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  4. Let's be honest. If we'd won 42-10 then no one would give 2 [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ]s about the "radio silence" in the off-season. Likewise, no amount of PR during the off-season would make any of us any less pissed off than we currently are.
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  5. I think when the entire team knows their head coach is talking to another program, it has a big effect

    and yes I have been told my members of that squad that they were aware of it
  6. Speak for yourself. I'd have the whole damn department fixed. Gary would be the DC for my new head coach Dabo Swinney and Lincoln Riley would be our OC.
  7. Ok so? Tell the squad to play baseball
  8. It seems pretty clear that you just don't like Schloss for whatever reason. Maybe he didn't kiss your ass enough one time when you talked to him, I don't know. You were bitching and moaning about him in the midst of 4 straight trips to Omaha.
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  9. I am sure they would have taken that statement seriously...

    You think it’s most effective to deliver that message before or after the conference call interview?

    I wonder what thoughts are going to go though our Left Tackles head when our OL coach gives him the speech about if you can’t perform, you won’t be playing? You think he will expect to be transferred to the WR group? Or maybe RB? Or QB?
  10. Great teams are player lead. There wasn’t any leadership that year.
  11. Well hell - then why don’t we get rid of the overpaid coaches if that is true...

    feel so much better about my donations to the athletic program now that I know the 3 highest paid positions aren’t really the ones responsible for performance...
  12. I liked COVID flyfisher better.
  13. I think we should fire @steelfrog . He really wasn't cheering that loud.
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  14. Goodness. You believe whatever you want. If that’s why we sucked that year then my assumptions that they were soft is correct
  15. Actually I like Schloss a Lot - but he needed to be called to the carpet like anyone else in a leadership role that is making mistakes or doing things that are affecting his job and employees

    However I flat out think ADJD is in over his head and was not in a position to have discussions like that with any of the big 3 for lots of reasons

    we promoted him to keep things going smoothly and now that they are starting to slip - he isn’t in a position to do much since he has no external frame of reference

    so let’s hope our coaches can figure out what is needed to right the ship on their own
  16. uh .. what the absolute scheissing scheiss?
  17. This thread is worse than Facebook, and I thought that was impossible.
  18. Well then I definitely was doing something wrong then

    although after watching that debacle on the field today, some other requests from our athletic fund raising teams and discussions about fall practice schedules this week - I think I may just go back to the river and leave fixing the world to you
  19. Whew, it's a good thing we didn't lose to Arkansas State or Louisiana in our first game. Total meltdown by this board.
  20. Never mind, we've already had our meltdown down.

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