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Fire Jeremiah Donati

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Woke Frog, Sep 26, 2020.

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    I can't come up with any possible way losing your AD (while keeping all your head coaches) immediately causes your major sports teams to get worse.
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  2. Is Donati number 7? I thought that was Stephens
  3. Dumb
  4. Definitely rash. That was an immediate after the game take when I was pacing the house not trying to punch a hole in the wall. Mission accomplished!
  5. So Donati should be fired because he didn't fire Patterson? I don't get how this is his fault. I've been critical of gp going back to last year but I still don't understand the hate for Donati. Gary is the one who made these hires.
  6. I don’t hate him. I don’t know him. I know nothing about him other than he doesn’t have the gravitas and possibly even the authority to credibly insist on necessary changes. (And yes the split infinitive is acknowledged)
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  7. People really don’t understand how much Del Conte leaned on Donati when he was here.
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  8. Del Conte was a fundraiser
  9. From my perspective I’m annoyed he even got the position. It appears me he largely received it out of nepotism. I obviously don’t know the facts behind his hiring but even cdc started out and had to climb up the ranks of lesser name schools. I like to view things in life as a meritocracy and I know for a fact that’s not how it works, but I would’ve liked to see someone more experienced and the ability to help guide us thru the transition of aging stalwarts of our program. I don’t believe Donati is that hire. I believe he was the one of least resistance. He can prove me wrong when he starts to put pressure on gary to win football games and he makes the right choice for the inevitable head coaching change coming down the pipeline.
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  10. My biggest gripe with the people who didn't like the Donati hire is - Who was the realistic candidate that would definitely be better and would instantly show up with so much credibility that they could put pressure on Gary Patterson?

    I can't answer that because I'm not locked in with the up and coming AD candidates. I'm sure that some people on here are familiar but I would guess it's a very low number.
  11. SMUs AD seems to know what he is doing.
  12. So you are an insider in our baseball program and thus I assume you know the actual details of what was going on...yet somehow the fact that NOTHING was done at all by our AD regarding a sit down before it escalated nor did he really do much when MSU came calling to stop it - isn’t a problem with our AD office?

    give me a break - we lost at least a year of a really good team because of off field distractions that were known by our AD - possibly two

    but then there might be a reason why no one was called to the carpet...sometimes it’s hard to look in the mirror and see yourself
  13. So your issue should be with TCU who hired him.
  14. And how would you know that unless you are in the meetings?
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  15. I'm not gonna spend one second discussing the personal life of one of our current head coaches on this board. I will say that our 2018 baseball team wasn't even remotely close to "really good" and it didn't have anything to do with whatever was going on with our head coach off the field.
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  16. You think that was the reason why we sucked that year?
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  17. It's football season. Stay on task!
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  18. I think he can shoot 90% if I remember correctly.
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  19. He could be great for all I know but it doesn't seem like hiring an AD from any non-P5 school would check all the boxes that so many people seem to want checked.

    I have no doubt if we had hired him and things still went exactly as they have on the field then people would be bitching about how you can't bring someone in from a small time athletic program and expect them to do what is needed here.
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  20. Donati okayed Gary’s asinine decision to be radio silent all off season. It’s terrible for recruiting and terrible for fan engagement and driving fan interest / excitement for the program. And to be so secretive and then to still come out and lay an egg against a bad team is a complete disgrace.

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