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Fire Jeremiah Donati

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Woke Frog, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. Donati can’t bunt for [ Cumbie’s red zone playcalling ] either
  2. I’m so lost on why Donati is now the scapegoat for not stopping the run.
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  3. Donati can’t bunt and GP is throwing 70mph meatballs. What a time to be alive
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  4. Sometimes you gotta move someone out so the possibility exists to move on others.
  5. Nadler just pooped his pants.
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  6. Not moving the goal posts at all since this thread was started IMMEDIATELY AFTER the loss to Iowa St. If you want to say that you had all of these same feelings about Donati at 12:25 pm today and think he's the problem then fine. But when the things being said are direct reactions to the game we just witnessed then I'm not moving the goal posts at all to call that out.
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  7. Well said. They’ve been my feelings since he took over and there was no national search. It really came to the forefront for me last year but now bubbling over
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  8. You all have gone off the cliff.
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  9. Fair enough.
  10. Pretty harsh. ISU was ranked early for a reason, and it probably didn’t add scrubs into the equation. OU lost to a team that had a bad opening too.
  11. You’re such a beating.
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  12. The bottom line is winning, and helping an athletic department to consistently improve, not maintain a status quo (and certainly not regress). Otherwise, alums and fans rightfully grow restless, and then the headhunting starts...
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  13. pocketbooks will start closing. Even the big ones as people get tired off the ass kickings and zero change on offense
  14. Totally agree. And who knows what happens once the GoR are finished. Now is time to shine not suck. Not sure it's the ADs fault unless he doesn't have the balls to make changes and relationships to continue in the P5 and have candid conversations and decisions with current coaches.
  15. The final straw for me with Donati was cancelling the SMU game and I said so at the time I wanted him gone then(long before but that was my final final straw). He needs to go.
  16. Cancelling the game where we fell below Big XII instituted position limits?? You mean the game where we literally couldn’t field two position groups? Cool. That makes total sense to be mad at an AD for that.
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  17. So is our football team.
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  18. I don’t understand this thinking. Probably saved us from being 0-2 at this point and staring at a tough road test to avoid 0-3. Just kidding....
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    Game wasn’t under the B12 restrictions and not being able to field some positions was based on a B12 contact tracing rule that extremely strict, was not required for that game since it was non-con and one that is not being used by other conferences

    I comprehend the reason they justified the cancellation however we could easily used the same CDC guideline to justify letting negative tested, asymptomatic players actually play also

    our overall athletic program is going backwards and anyone close to the major programs can feel it

    maybe that was inevitable given we are a small fish in a big pond and in the long run- all things move back to the normal

    or maybe we lost our edge when the guy that architected the rise left us and we hired his protege so the boat wouldn’t be rocked for our coaches- but the new guy has no voice in the room when it matters because he is there to say yes

    let’s hope baseball finds a way back to the promised land before other schools that don’t care about off
    The field come looking again
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  20. Can Donati shoot 70% from the free throw line?
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