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Fire Jeremiah Donati

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Woke Frog, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. AMEN!
  2. Of course Woke Frog has been a member since Sept. 18th. So we should hang on his every word.
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  3. The trolls always come out after a crap loss. Don't feed them.
  4. False, an AD’s #1 job is to gram and tik tok! And if he or she fails at that, then there will be no fans and our team will lose!!

    (Sorry, I know this point is being beaten like a dead horse but I think it’s the funniest complaint I’ve heard on this board since the panic of 2014 when we didn’t know that black jackets existed)
  5. I think this should stay small for now... Just fix the offensive line and the defensive line, play Max and feed Darwin Barlow the ball, and most of these head chopping messages will stop because of the wins, including the one coming this Saturday in Austin.

    We need TCU in the Power 5 if we want to keep this party train going. 2024-2025 TV deal is crucial for Donati's long-term job. He knows this. The Pac-12 looks the weakest right now. That could change if the Big XII doesn't step it up on the field and start winning some national championships in the Big 3 sports. Chris Del Conte probably casts the deciding vote on this cycle. Like it or not. CDC and ADJD are tight. That can't be a bad thing for TCU this next round.

    On the other side, there has been an enormous amount of money dumped into TCU Athletics over a relatively short period of time. Including a bunch by me. I am getting tired of having way too many disappointing TCU Football Saturdays the last three of four seasons and then add in what happened yesterday. At $6 million a year, in 20 seasons at the helm, we should not be struggling with the Iowa States who have had 3 new head coaches and the Baylors who have gone through 4 head coaches in six years. I'm 100% behind Gary, but the losing has to stop. We can still make a run at the 2020 title. The talent is there on this TCU football team, the Big XII looks to be a mess, and the offensive play calling yesterday seemed way better than 2019. Go Frogs!
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  6. Yes the offense did look better than last year despite the OL. I still think if Duggan had played the whole game, we would have won.
  7. Hell, if Taye catches that pass instead of a drop/INT we win that game IMO.
  8. Very well said.
  9. The man spends more time playing golf and drinking old fashions at Rivercrest than he does at TCU
  10. Humble brag.
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  11. I'm starting to get very confused about which posters I like and don't like. Way too many of you whose COVID/politics opinions and football opinions don't line up the way I want them to. scheiss you 2020.
  12. Same
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  13. I’m very simple on this AD situation... I don’t believe in anointing a successor from within for that level position. If you’ve been grooming someone...great...let that person post and compete and if they beat out the best candidate pool you can muster....great.

    I just get the feeling this was a continuity play. I prefer ambitious plays but that’s just my preference. And I know some will say “Who would be that ambitious play?” And to that I say I don’t know and neither does anyone else because it appears we chose the continuity play from the beginning.

    That said...cannot and should not fire him now unless he does something illegal or unethical. We chose continuity and that’s what we’re gonna get. That’s the vision.
  14. You don’t know him and you make assumptions based on your feelings? Hope you keep your day job.
  15. Lol. That guy is a clown. Smu folks want to run him out of town.
  16. That is your best outcome all the time for you. Ride or die.
  17. The whole point of that suggestion was there were others that could of been great candidates. And Pharm Frog is right, TCU went with the continuity play than a full search internally and externally. We will see if it was a good decision.
  18. Said nothing about my feelings at all. Have expressed my preferences. I don’t know him but I’m very comfortable in my knowledge about his authority. That isn’t a great secret.
  19. I know him personally. You know nothing about the man. You post from your feelings as that is all you got as you are not posting from actual knowledge but your opinion—which is your personal feelings.
  20. Opinions are feelings? Great...I hope YOU enjoy your day job.

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