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ESPN article about SWC's demise

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Limp Lizard, Dec 2, 2020.

  1. Interesting read, except when Slocum and Sherrill bash TCU, etc. Saying the rest of the country wasn't interested in the "smaller" schools. They were not interested because they had bad teams kept down by the likes of aggy. National interest is really not all that great for Texas or Arkansas unless they have good teams, either. aggy was a side light until last couple of years because they a winning a little more and have a fanatical following.

    Still and interestng read.
  2. The article says the demise of SWC killed the small schools...

    The exception was TCU. The Horned Frogs moved from the WAC to Conference USA to the Mountain West, culminating with a Rose Bowl win over Wisconsin in 2011. That success made them attractive when the Big 12 sought new members during the 2010-11 realignment cycle.”
  3. I am not sure if this is a new quote or an old quote but this stuck out to me:

    "Dodds: Times continue to change and I think the Big 12 is probably concerned about the number of institutions in the Big 12, the future TV contracts and those kinds of things. I think there's going to be some movement again in the next two, three, four years. I think things will change again. How that happens or when that happens, I'm not sure. But I think maybe the Big 12 probably needs more members."
  4. I don't get why more is better. Would the ACC be any weaker if Wake Forest or Syracuse weren't in the league? If a couple also-rans in the Big 10 decided they wanted to go Independent and left the league, would the Big 10 be any weaker? I really don't think so. I think both leagues would be stronger if they shed some weaker programs.

    10 schools is the perfect size for a league. It's like the football CCGs dictate everything in conferences that have 10+ sports, women and men. It's so stupid. Give me round robin schedules and no CCG over unbalanced schedules and a CCG all day, every day.
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  5. It's been known for a while that the conference needs to get back to at least 12 teams, but the powers that be continue to sit around and do nothing. Setting up interviews with schools that the BIG12 reps know they aren't bringing in, all just for show.

    The conference needs to be proactive and go out see what what other P5 schools would be interested in coming, instead of sitting around waiting. Start putting a list of schools that are interested and have ready so when the domino's start falling, we already know who to go after. Look at both Arizona schools as an example since the PAC12 is on extremely shaky ground as we speak.

    I understand schools have GofR contracts to run their course, but at least be aggressive instead of sitting idle as always.
  6. What Slocum conveniently forgets to mention is that his aggies, who won the conference most years in the late 80s and early 90s, shat the bed every year in their bowl games, lowering the reputation of the conference as a whole.
  7. 12 Schools is a nice size. Divisions, Championship Game, all that. But, the reason two more schools are needed is to have some patsies. An easy win for everybody else. Makes the whole Conference look better. Allows you to fill out your Bowl berths with ease.

    Rice and New Mexico. Bring 'em.
  8. Think about it another way, Big 10 bringing in Rutgers + Maryland basically guarantees their conference opponents +1 win every season. Doesn't necessarily matter to Ohio states and Oklahoma's of the world who are in the hunt to go undefeated every year anyway. But does skew the 2nd tier teams win totals upwards, creating more ranked matchups and resume builders during the season, which helps the top teams playoff resumes and overall conference perceptions.

    Just looking at last year in the big 12, the #3 and #4 teams in the final standings were Kstate and Texas at 8-4 each, barely top 25 records or just on the outside looking in. Lets say instead of losses to TCU or Oklahoma State, they each played cupcake Colorado state or New Mexico. Final records would be 9-3 and firmly top 25 teams, which would give the conference 4 top 25 teams instead of 2.
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  9. Can't tell if this is 100% sarcasm or only partial.

    Let's make our conference stronger by adding weaker teams. Yea, that makes sense. And I'd say divisions are a necessary evil to having too many teams than they are a good thing, but that's just me. Some teams in those bigger leagues don't play conference opponents for 5-6 years. That's beyond dumb.
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  10. no
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  11. I don't care. That stuff is overrated. If a conference's sole and #1 objective is to guarantee it's football teams have a certain number of wins every year, something is screwed up. Does it really matter if 6-6 Minnesota makes some [ #2020 ]ty bowl game and 5-7 Texas Tech doesn't?
  12. No "Designated Doormats" then, eh?

    What will the SEC do with Vandy and Mizzou? The B1G with Illinois and Rutgers (and increasingly Nebraska)? They've all got "Designated Doormats." Why can't we?

    Besides, there are some great enchiladas to be found in Albuquerque...
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  13. missouri wasn't brought in as a designated doormat as they have had success in football and a history in basketball

    rutgers was a media market and not a team as was the case with maryland though maryland has had success in football at times and a strong basketball program

    illiinois is a charter member of the big 10 i believe so any mention in this manner is just silly.

    you add media markets and exposure not wins and who is to say we didn't get added in the long term as a future doormat
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  14. I’d go for Colorado State and New Mexico, no more Texas teams.
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  15. Mizzou already features an SEC East title and Shawn Robinson running the scout team
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  16. Great article
  17. The Mountain time zone PAC schools seem ripe for the picking. It would mean some 10 am games but it would probably eliminate 11 pm (eastern time) kick offs. This would be a problem for WVU but they might find a nice home in the ACC.
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  18. Expansion is in the best interest of TCU because it offers protection. Your right that it offers nothing from an athletics perspective but if your worried about protecting your revenue stream, there is strength in numbers.

    This all comes down to how you feel about 2 questions?

    1. If CFB goes through a re-org, do you think the “P5” increases in size or decreases?
    2. If decreases, is TCU still a P5 school?

    If you have to choose sharing existing revenue power with 4 more schools vs losing 40-60% of all your income because your going to be “relegated”....well expansion is a no brainer.

    In an ideal world there would be no expansion at any P5 conference AND our place at the table would never be in question.
  19. I was expecting commentary on the enchiladas aspect, but no matter...
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  20. los cruces if we are going for enchiladas
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