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Does TCU require vaccinations?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Brog, Jul 20, 2021.

  1. [ #2020 ]. I thought you were older than 33. Like 50s. The punch-the-bank-truck-serve-time-in-the-clink now makes sense.
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  2. I keep seeing this mentioned, I must’ve missed this story. Sounds promising though
  3. I thought 60s. His posts have a certain "retired and spend too much time on Facebook" air to them.
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    Yea, it's not like we will not play in a bowl game or anything like that?
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  6. I’ve read and contributed to a landfill’s worth of bull ship on this site, but somehow the surprises (or more bull ship?) never stop. Gotta admit, this one really surprises me.
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  7. My sister has intubated a few “perfectly healthy” unvaccinated 30-somethings. I’m sure the virus will check your triathlon times before infecting you though.
  8. Here's more for the Anti's to argue about:

    Only 3 deaths can be traced to blood clots and the JNJ vaccine. That's it - 3!

    Those refusing to get the vaccine are either willfully ignorant, trying to make some kind of political statement, or just being selfish and hoping the rest of us will get vaccinated and end this pandemic for them.

    See https://covid-101.org/science/how-many-people-have-died-from-the-vaccine-in-the-u-s/
  9. Natural selection - can’t fix stupid
  10. Just send us a syringe and a certificate of vaccination in the mail. We'll take the jab. Honest! It'll be just like Mail-In Voting.
  11. no, punching a truck still makes little sense
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. All true except there are more deaths from 6 months of Covid vaccines than all 70+ other vaccines combined for the entire 30 years of data from the CDC's VAERS database. Oh, and the CDC says < 10% of adverse events get reported. Medicare/Medicaid databases indicate the covid vax death number in the US is probably at least 45,000.

    By the way, vaccines are usually pulled from the market once there are around 50 deaths attributed to them, such as the swine flu vaccine which yanked back in the 70's. The rules have changed, apparently.
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    I am an MD too and I will not take the covid gene therapeutic "vaccines" due to safety concerns and evidence of waning efficacy, esp. with the delta variant. That said, I may take the Novavax shot when it becomes available since it is based on proven vaccine technology and does not cause your body to uncontrollably manufacture toxic spike proteins unlike the mRNA and vector DNA products that are the only options currently.

    If I catch covid I have Ivermectin ready to go.
  15. the medicare/ medicaid database numbers have to be inaccurate don't they because we have been told only a few deaths have been contributed to the vaccine.

    most be a coding error right?
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  16. That 96% number is completely bogus. The AMA is a corrupt organization controlled by big pharma that me and most of my fellow docs never joined. In a larger survey the much more credible AAPS showed that around half of docs are vaccinated. Of my colleagues I'd say that's about right and most of the half who are vaxed did so under duress from hospitals and employers, not because they wanted to.
  17. Bull [ #2020 ]. If this were true the media would run all over it and blast the story on the airwaves. Instead you can't find such stories.

    The media loves running PERFECTLY HEALTHY 30 YEAR OLD DIES FROM VIRUS stories, then you see a pic of the victim and they were obese. Obesity is the killer, not COVID. If you guys actually cared about people's health you would be lecturing about obesity and diets, not shots.

    I guarantee you your sister is referring to obese people that she claims are perfectly healthy.

    I am a single digit body fat guy who does triathlons and eats right. I already got COVID and was fine. Science says the antibodies I have are perfectly fine for immunity.

    scheiss the vaccine and scheiss your fear mongering.

    Now please tell me why I should still be vaccinated.
  18. Well! They would never lie!

    Oh, and in an interesting sequence of events, the frauds over at the CDC have announced the discontinuation of the worthless PCR test, which has been abused and rendered useless by CDC stupidity (or malice) to throw off lots of false positive results, and replace it with a new "rapid response" test which will supposedly be more accurate and differentiate between CCP virus and the Old Fashioned Flu.

    The game here is that, all of a sudden (!), the "positive" tests will drop off and the mis-Administration of His Fraudulence will parade around claiming that their vaccine push is working, and that harsher measures will need to be taken against those who eschew it. That fact that this switcheroo with the "test" is not very well known (https://www.cdc.gov/csels/dls/locs/...-Changes_CDC_RT-PCR_SARS-CoV-2_Testing_1.html) and the mostly ignorant public will be presented with a whole new line of agitprop in the Media to reinforce the "Non-Jabbed are Killing People!!" narrative will result in more craziness and totalitarian threats. No mention, of course, of the million-plus illegals flooding over the border with no vaccines, testing, or even a cursory examination, and sent all over the Country.
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  19. Agree with all this. Plus the video in this link is the most well produced video explaining why the vaccine is no good I have seen yet

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  20. But but but but but someone's brother on here is an MD and he says I should get the shot. I keep being told to trust the experts... but now what?!?!?!

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