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Does TCU require vaccinations?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Brog, Jul 20, 2021.

  1. Just wondering, reading now about Indiana University having controversy over their decision to require COVID vaccinations for their students and staff. Does TCU require this? Anybody know?
  2. Universities do this at their own peril. Narrowing the customer base when their price is already unaffordable is not good business.
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  3. TCU requires the Meningitis vaccine as well as the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine, but not the COVID vaccine.
  4. very good premise here as i believe all public school districts in texas require proof of vaccination from certain diseases and would think most private schools mirror those requirements
  5. Seeing how TCU is now the Cal Berkeley of the South, with all the liberal Antifa’s in charge, it’s just a matter of time!!
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  6. No. And they would be wise to keep it that way. The backlash would be severe.
  7. Next will be human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, MASS HYSTERIA!
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  8. Don't joke about that. That's scary.
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  9. We must’ve have had to have 4 or 5 vaccinations jus to start elementary school in the 50s. Just don’t get the all resistance. Can’t imagine what some of the geniuses here would have said about Jonas Salk…
  10. Entirely different type of vaccine. First time this type of technology has been used in a vaccine for humans. No long term data. Already more vaccine related deaths for the covid vaccine than for every other vaccine over the past 20 years combined. Safer treatments from well known drugs like ivermectin are being aggressively censored and suppressed to prevent this vaccine from losing its Emergency Use Authorization which currently allows it to be administered since it is not fda approved. The government is trying to entice people to get the vaccine by bribing them with raffles and lotteries and other freebies. The mainstream media has been lying to the public ad nauseam for the past 5+ years.

    Those are a few reasons why there is resistance and hesitancy.
  11. stupid is as stupid does
  12. I know you think you are an authority on the subject, but I think I’ll listen to people that are actually educated on the subject. I’ve had two rounds of the Moderna months ago without any ill effects. My brother is an MD and about as conservative as they come and couldn’t disagree with you more.

    So what’s your take on the moon landing and 9/11?
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  14. Good for your brother

    ask him to tell you what is incorrect in Maniacs first 5 lines - because he is not wrong on those statements and people who don’t get the difference between the current state of this vaccine and the others “we all have gotten” are just being blindly led

    I support getting it - but stop acting like it’s the same “science” and has the same testing and track record of MMR, etc

    and I was an MD before you were born…and the birth defects found in the children of early mumps vaccine recipients occurred YEARS after administration as one point of reference

  15. think i remember reading salk worked 5-6 years before developing his version of the polio vaccine and sabin's verson with the weakened virus was some years later

    the vaccine for measles took years and before it there were outbreaks that killed thousands around the world
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  16. Your response is fueled with so many logical fallacies.

    Just because you got the vaccine without ill effects doesn't mean everyone else will. I recovered from Covid without ill effects. Does your same logic apply?

    And lol at you bringing up your MD brother as if you have some kind of exclusive insight. You don't think I have family and close friends that are MDs too? Many of them strongly disagree with your "educated" brother. Speaking of your brother that is "actually educated." How much time did he spend learning about mRNA vaccines in med school? What kind of medicine does he practice? Does it have anything to do with the new mRNA vaccine technology at all? Have his opinions been formed on his own through the analysis of data? Or does he just blindly follow the popular opinion of his peers that were educated by schools and many who are now employed by hospitals that are largely funded by big pharma?
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  17. Those weren't experimental when your parents gave them to you were they?
  18. Pick a board to spew your dumbassery. Frankly, just pick this one, it’s got plenty of your fans.
  19. Thought provoking counter points. Will really need to spend time chewing this over.

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