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Does TCU require vaccinations?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Brog, Jul 20, 2021.

  1. As I have now said thrice, his disinformation should be corrected. But correcting Farrakhan alone isn’t going to turn this thing around. We can’t just blame one anti-Semite for the disinformation spewing from all corners of, and influencing many diverse parts of, our society

    The vaccines are safe, effective, and important to getting our economy, health, and lives back on track.
  2. Your momma didn't require the vaccine last night.

    Sick burn
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  3. To get this back on track, and hopefully relegated to The Pit faster than Baylor to the Sun Belt. And to answer your question:

    No. But they should.

    The vaccines are safe, effective, and important to sustaining a healthy and successful campus community. They should be mandated for all students and employees except in the rare case of disability or sincerely held religious belief.
  4. I was responding to someone that said "the group" that was most vaccine hesitant was mostly Dem. That's not true, both in absolute terms and percentage terms. If you want to get in to the weeds to try and cut across racial AND ideological lines then be my guest, but since the premise I was responding to was "it's not the Republicans' fault, the largest unvaccinated group is the one that votes overwhelmingly democrat", I don't think I'm going the one that introduced the crossover.
  5. Depending on the poll? LOL. I imagine the polls are about as accurate as some of these, with an obvious agenda in mind. In any event, there is no doubt that the two demographics that have experienced the most COVID issues also haven't been vaccinated in very high %'s.
  6. Ah, the old "well you can't trust polls anyway" when shown to be wrong. An absolute classic.
  7. That wasn't the premise. It's not all Republicans fault, like it's being portrayed in the media. If Biden is going to start casting blame like he is so good at doing doing, I'd like some of it to go towards two demographic groups who, to be totally honest, probably need the vaccine more than most.
  8. I wasn't shown to be wrong at all. Once again, you aren't the ultimate arbiter of right or wrong, no matter how much you like playing that role.

    I still like your "500,000 deaths" type comments, with no context at all. You're normally more nuanced than that, unless I guess if nuance doesn't support the argument.
  9. Horsecrap. "The group most like to jot be vaccinated votes Dem at about a 90-90% clip. But sure, blame conservatives." - Bob literally uses the two groups in consecutive sentences.
  10. not blaming one person, what i am pointing out is that disinformation has come from a variety of sources and the response has not been consistent

    twitter and other social medial platforms have long been blocking various posters who have put out what they called incorrect information and yet farrakhan has been allowed until a few days ago to make his claims

    i am not saying he was given a pass for his race, but when you look at his influence in certain communities and you are blocking some and allowing others this is not a consistent message and the single biggest problem i believe on the vaccine has been an inconsistent message and that goes back to government leaders on both sides of the aisle

    the other problem has that there has not been room for any intelligent discussion on this matter as there have been physicians who have expressed concerns about the lack of data who were shut down again by various social media platforms.

    those might not have been the best forum but right now unfortunately they seem to be the only one available and that again leads to speculation

    understand your wife is a physician and your access to information. curious if any of her peers are hesitant as i can tell you there were some where my wife works who only got the vaccine to ensure they did not lose privelages
  11. ah, I thought you were referencing my post. There is no doubt though that the media is overwhelmingly targeting Republicans (or Trump voters I guess) when they are far from the only demographic who doesn't want to get the shot.
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  12. The demographic that has the lowest percentage of vaccines is blacks, followed closely by Hispanics. But no one talks about that. The media narrative is that it’s ignorant conservatives. You can cite whatever polls you want on what people think of the vaccines, but the proof is in who has actually been vaccinated. But it’s political suicide for Biden and the Dems to go to their most loyal demographic and single them out as needing to comply because they are part of the problem. So they just keep inferring that it’s the “Trumpsters” that are the problem and are the reason we are getting new restrictions. And you know they’ll scream that all the way to the mid-terms. It’s all for show.
  13. You're all wrong! The largest group of unvaccinated people in this country are people who haven't had the vaccine yet at a whopping 100%!

    Speaking of whopping. I used to love Whoppers as a kid. It was my go to movie snack. I recently ate them again and they weren't nearly as good as I remember. Much like the old Batman series.

    Batman, now there's a guy who would absolutely take the vaccine. The guy had shark repellent on his utility belt so you know he had every kind of vaccine ever imagined on there too.

    So getting things back on track here, no I will not be considering club seats at the current price any time in the near future. Not until they get pumpkin pancakes on the menu.

    Now into the Pit with the lot of you!
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  14. We don’t have a solution- we have an option that is adequately effective but not nearly as good as promoted or expected

    and the Delta variant didn’t start in the US thus the entire US being vaccinated would not stop it’s spread- just minimize the hospitalizations

    one of the lies being spouted by our leadership is that the lack of immunizations from vaccine is allowing the virus to mutate and spread in our population- when the mutation occurred outside our borders and was allowed in

    but the numbers would be the same in basic terms and that doesn’t fit your agenda or Biden’s
  15. Best argument since the Chewbacca defense
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  16. That one is easy to explain, the southern border is not wide open. It’s closed just the same as the northern border.
  17. FWIW the vaccination gap has been closing recently for hispanic populations. At the end of April- whites were much more likely to be vaccinated- 38% to 25%; now the gap has closed to 48% to 41%. Meanwhile Asian Americans, who were at the same vaccination % as whites back in early April now have a much higher % vaccinated than whites- 65% to 48%:



    Black vaccinations still lagging although rate seems to be picking up last few weeks:

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  18. [​IMG]
  19. https://www.usatoday.com/story/trav...ravel-restrictions-through-august/8034057002/
    The United States has extended border restrictions on nonessential travel yet again as COVID-19 infections rise in every state.

    U.S. borders with Mexico and Canada will remain closed through Aug. 21, according to documents to be published in the Federal Register. The previous U.S. border restrictions were set to end Thursday.

    The extensions come on the heels of Canada's Monday announcement that it would reopen its borders to fully vaccinated U.S. citizens and permanent residents Aug. 9, with plans to allow fully vaccinated travelers from any country on Sept. 7.

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