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Does TCU require vaccinations?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Brog, Jul 20, 2021.

  1. I am going to use the Moneyball principle here.

    If he is such a good hitter, why can't he hit?

    Therefore, if masks work, why don't they work?

    If shutdowns and lockdowns work, why don't they work?

    If vaccines work, why don't they work?
  2. You voted for Joe "10% for the Big Guy" Biden.

    Why would I take any advice from you? You already have proven you are OK with voting for a man who has a 50 year track record of selling this country out to the highest foreign bidder so he and his crackhead son can get a 10% cut.
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  3. I have no idea what you’re talking about. But sounds like he’s spreading disinformation. If true, it should be called out and corrected in the communities the disinformation spreader reaches. Not taking the bait on your “blame the ‘mainstream media’ (whoever that is)” take. Leaders should be stepping up to correct disinformation and build trust.

    The vaccines are safe, effective, and important. People of every demographic should be provided with this true and accurate information.
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  4. So if COVID is truly such a big threat then why is our southern border wide open to illegals coming in who likely aren't vaccinated and could be spreading COVID?

    Explain this one
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  5. Much like other things you say, this isn't true. For the thousandth time.

    All evidence suggests that is slowness to accept the vaccine is responsible for prolonging this. If you want to blame Biden for "people who hate him not getting vaccinated" that seems a really odd criticism.
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  6. Pssst. The group most like to jot be vaccinated votes Dem at about a 90-90% clip. But sure, blame conservatives.
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  7. Nope. This is to set the stage for fed control of elections. With perpetual COVID fear you get to argue that all the election nonsense of 2020 must be unquestionably institutionalized. There’s a reason DOJ comes out today to warn states against audits and election security legislation. And you get to give PFE a third bite at the apple. Even Israeli RWE shows high effectiveness rates of PFE vaccine against serious infection.
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  8. interesting because i come across people reading his news paper in a number of places in the houston area and have on three different occasions since their delivery vans driving around the area with a copy of their paper from last july in which the minister louis stated that if the government mandated the vaccine it was the equivalent of an act of war

    you are right though, no one is listening to him as the cdc's survery showed that african americans are a leading in getting vaccinated right?

    do find it interesting that it took until the 22nd of this month for twitter to finally block his account for anti vaccine messages
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  9. Clearly I said your post was misleading and twisted into disinformation. And I was correct. The vaccines are safe, effective, and important. As documented by the vast majority of doctors and scientists. Not internet disinformation warriors.

    Get vaccinated.
  10. The table is being set for mandatory vaccines eventually.

    This is why Joe Biden (LOL at people who voted for him thinking he was some kind of statesman with a steady hand and demeanor and decorum) was so visibly angry, unsettled, and agitated today.

    I predict we will see vaccine mandates by the fall.
  11. You sound like a talking point machine.

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  12. so he’s gonna say that vaccines don’t work tomorrow but mandate them by fall? Ordinarily I’d call BS on this but am reminded that he loudly proclaimed in May that the masks could come off.
  13. Your number is not correct. But I never “blamed conservatives.” I correctly blamed ignorance.
  14. This has been the MO from the beginning. Fight like heck against any and all measures to control spread, causing those measures to be less successful, claim your sabotage is proof of ineffectiveness.

    End original lockdown well earlier than everyone said was responsible.....spread continues, this is proof they didn't work. Sizeable section throws a tempter tantrum at mask mandates, ignores them for a year reducing effectiveness by all measures, claims it as proof they don't work.

    And now we are seeing it with the thing that doesn't just reduce spread by a portion, but an overwhelming percentage by all available evidence, and about quarter of the country says "nah I believe *insert objectively false thing here*
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  15. They have set it up for a 2 way option.

    Option 1 is blame Trump for the bad vaccine.

    Option 2 is double down on the vaccine.

    Either way we are getting more lockdowns, shutdowns, masks.
  16. Because you are the arbiter of wisdom? Sounds a bit totalitarian. And still waiting for how Israel manages 80% vaccination but cases are rising. Is herd immunity acquired at 81%? I recall when it was 30% then 35% then 50%.
  17. Blaming "non mask wearers" for masks not working is foolish. Every store you went into there was 100% mask compliance. I rarely, if ever, saw non mask wearers in indoor places.

    The lockdowns didn't work either. All it did was crush small businesses, supply chains and delay the eventual spread.
  18. This is totally false. While vaccine hesitancy is present in African Americans and Hispanics (and still just as wrong and worthy of criticism), higher numbers of conservatives, both in percentages and absolute numbers, have said they will "probably / never" get vaccinated.

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