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Does TCU require vaccinations?

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Brog, Jul 20, 2021.

  1. I guess I missed the coverage of the illegal crossings of Canadians....was that during the Stanley Cup?
  2. 60 percent of everyone in this thread is crazy. But within sub groups of that crazy 35 percent of some of you are really crazy and 41 percent are batshit crazy. Facebook keeps trying to tell me that at least 50 percent of you aren’t crazy but they are 75 percent wrong. Twitter tracks accordingly.

    The other 40 percent aren’t crazy they’re just nuts.

    In summation, get off the crazy pills if you’re crazy or if you’re a nut stop being nutty. Then we can get back to the new normal. In this crazy world, we are all in this together.
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  3. I was pointing out the false narrative that the southern border is “wide open”. It is not. That is all.
  4. compared with the Northern - it is a like a colendar compared to a bank vault....

    More people illegally entered the US through the southern border last week than came across from Canada all of last year...
  5. Yep. Me. A person that had covid last July and very likely has broader immunity than a vaccinated person is the dumbass that is causing all the problems. Makes sense. Thanks for imparting us with all of your wisdom.
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  6. There is no debate that more have crossed from the south.

    I will say that it is much harder to cross the southern border than it is the northern border. There are more obstacles crossing from Mexico than there are Canada. That is not an easy trip, it’s no Sunday walk in the park.
  7. But like.....you have to start in Canada so that kinda evens it out.
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  8. upload_2021-7-29_23-52-33.gif
  9. [​IMG]
  10. It’s so closed and secure that fhe VP was appointed tsar to oversee its closure and secureness and we built camps at Ft Bliss to house the people not coming in.
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  11. If it was “wide open” as the previous poster claimed, they wouldn’t bother stopping anyone or building camps. They’d let them all in. That is not happening, they are not just letting everyone in.
  12. Wow, just wow….
  13. And Midland, and other cities throughout Texas.
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  14. To answer the question, no. Understanding there are some rare exceptions out there of course.
  15. This is inaccurate and framed through the classic disinformation tactic of trying to connect the disinformation to a hot button social issue (borders/immigrants).

    Vaccines are highly effective against delta and the many, many other Covid-19 variants. No, vaccines don’t stop the spread, but herd immunity greatly slows the spread of all variants. Your disinformation is incorrect and is not science-backed. Getting as many people as possible vaccinated is key.
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  16. People who were infected should still get vaccinated. It works, in effect, like a booster shot. Which is important because we don’t yet know how long antibodies will last.

    Of course, as you know, I was calling you out for your sinister spreading of lies and disinformation regarding the importance, safety, and effectiveness of vaccines. Get vaccinated.
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  17. Well, the naturally derived ones will last a helluva lot longer than what The Jab provides. Seems like that's already coming apart. We'll see what His Fraudulence has to say later on today about the efficacy and longevity of The Jab, and whether it is actually causing issues.

  18. The irony of you accusing me of disinformation is so rich.

    No I won’t get the shot. And you can go pound sand. #MyBodyMyChoice
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  19. You can almost get out a checklist of "Lefty Buzzwords Connected With..." and check off the individual items as you read his screeds...
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  20. You misspelled “science”

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