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Daily Oklahoman: Gary Patterson is wrong about the Ohio State series

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TopFrog, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Daily Oklahoman: Gary Patterson is wrong about the Ohio State series


    TCU coach Gary Patterson is channeling Art Briles. It won’t please Patterson to be compared to the defrocked former Baylor coach, but Patterson sounded an awful lot like Briles earlier this week.

    TCU plays Ohio State on Saturday in Arlington, Texas. The Horned Frogs and Buckeyes originally were scheduled for a home-and-home series, but TCU rescheduled to a solitary, neutral-field game.

    “Playing Ohio State twice I don’t think is something that helps our program,” Patterson said. “Playing ‘em once definitely helps our program. Playing ‘em twice, I don’t think that’s a good business plan. You already have enough high-intensity games. Great challenge for us, glad we’re playing it, but lot better business plan to play it once instead of twice.”

    Read more at https://newsok.com/article/5608271/patterson-glad-tcu-is-playing-ohio-state-only-once
  2. As I said yesterday, let's kick 'em in their bucknuts and be done with them.
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  3. The closing paragraph is a head scratcher.
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  4. DNR.

    OU is a blue blood program.

    The Spooners don't face the same issues getting into the playoffs as TCU.

    Reference final CFP ballot in 2014.
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  5. Not if you don’t read it.

    edit: oh, this is the Tramel thread, not Muck. my bad.
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  6. Only playing Ohio State once is slightly different from claiming that Buffalo is a strong non conference game, Berry.
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  7. So when was it that Art Briles played Ohio St (or anyone even close) one time?
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  8. Shut up Oklahoma, no one was talking to you.
  9. I can’t disagree with the premise
  10. Playing Ohio State every week for an entire season would then be the best.
  11. GP isn’t wrong on this but his response has made us look weak...I appreciate his transparency but the reality is we built much of our reputation over the years dragon slaying. While our P5 affiliation means our circumstance has changed, we still have things to prove and different types of dragons to slay...I still believe you need big important non conference games to overcome the Little Sisters BS that still exist. Seven years into our Big12 run and we still have plenty of people who would take Aggie/Mizz back in a heartbeat swearing that they are better programs than ours...We have things to prove so we need to take every opportunity to prove them
  12. OK, press we get it
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  13. Ohio St agreed to this one-game scenario too, right? Or do I have that wrong? Maybe Gary had a gun to the head of whoever was the OSU AD at the time?
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  14. The Ticket taking shots at the “business plan” right now. Junior said he loves CGP and considers him possibly a top 3 coach in the country, but completely disagrees with the rationale for dropping the home-and-home. He said if you believe you're a Top 10 program, act like it. Junior thinks CGP thinks we have a Top 10 program, which makes the decision surprising.

    I realize this has been discussed ad nauseum on here. Just pointing out the local media.
  15. Berry Tramel has his callow head so far up OU's (censor) he doesn't know whether it's night or day.
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  16. I truly don’t even care if I’m being honest. We don’t have anything to prove to anyone.
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    i will ask this question once again. [ What the heck? ] does it matter what anyone on the ticket thinks?

    name me a recruit they have impacted in their perception of tcu? they have an impact on the play-off committees choice in 2014? make gary re-think his decision or quit?

    scheiss no......their job is to stir up [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] so people will listen plain and simple, but you do have a say in this matter. pretty damn sure you aren't driving a vehicle with one channel on a radio that is always on.
  18. Sorry, but if this decision was anything other than tOSU reneging on their agreement and refusing to come to AGS at all, then we deserve all the bad publicity we get. Whatever happened to CDC's "we didn't build a new stadium on campus to play at Cowboy Stadium"? Big boys get home-and-home series with the big boys. We got one with one of the biggest, now we're doing this instead. It was a bush league move. If we agreed to it willingly, then we're acting like we're bush league. Go back to 2005 and tell any TCU fan that we got a home-and-deal with Ohio State, then willingly moved it to a one-and-done neutral site. No way any one of us would think that a good idea.
  19. I get the criticism. I think Gary's point was that since we're not a blue blood program we don't get the benefit of the doubt on a loss.
  20. DR. But, upon a glance at the lede, it reads like a typical "cowardly TCU" screed. Since that is now The Narrative on this matter, no matter how inaccurate, it behooves us to look at what actually happened, and why. The Narrative would have you believe that GMFP cried out in terror, "Oh, please! Don't make me play the Big Boy Program! Pleeease!" And, being the magnanimous Gods they are, Mighty tOSU granted a special dispensation out of the pureness of their hearts to allow but one righteous thrashing at JerryWorld. Only through the benevolence of the Mighty did this occur. IIRC, the reality is that ESPN wanted a showcase game out of this, and approached TCU and tOSU to see if they could get a deal done that would achieve this end. tOSU was uninterested in playing in little old Amon G. Carter Stadium, and uninterested in a rematch in Columbus, and CDC was desirous of cold, hard cash. The three parties worked out an agreement that 1.) ESPN got their Marquee Matchup, 2.) tOSU got a recruiting trip to Texas and likiely blowout win in JerryWorld on ESPN in Primetime, and 3.) TCU got a big, fat check for $5,000,000 and other considerations, such as Gameday and other things not yet revealed. I thought at the time, and still do now that CDC made a lousy deal. But, them's the breaks...

    GMFP's commentary on the game, and his reasoning bear directly on the perceptions of writers like the twit with a byline who produced this aforelinked screed: If we win, so what, if we lose, you sucked anyway. There is no reward for playing Big Programs OOC. He also cited probability of injury, which is ironic now, given that arguably our best player suffered a season-ending injury goofing around between drills in August. We lost promising players to injury tripping over sprinkler heads, fer cryin out loud! I think as a program we've lost more players to injury doing things unconnected to football than in actual game situations. Far more. Anyway, GMFP was being brutally frank, and this twit twists his words. Typical...

    The true insult is to categorize GMFP as equivalent to Warden Art in matters of scheduling. That is about as low as anyone can go, even by the base standards of degenerate Oklahoma beat writers. When TCU has an early season slate of Incarnate Word and UTSA, then you can get back to me. Otherwise, STFU with such ridiculous and vapid commentary that counts on the ignorance of the audience (Unsurprising, if this newspaper was their sole source of information...) to be believed or even regarded with the slightest dollop of truth. Warden Art is a scumbag of the most grotesque kind, and GMFP is pretty much the complete antithesis of him in all matters, so to try and make a statement that the two are equivalent even in this area is only possible if one deliberately misstates basic facts.

    Here's hoping Berry Tramel is trampled and eaten by hungry pigs. Bon Appetit!

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