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Coaching Carousel- 2018

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by netty2424, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. Do we officially have the worst WR coach in the conference?
  2. No.
  3. Well that was quick, Kingsbury May have resigned from USC. Reports are early and sketchy but he apparently is being allowed to interview for NFL HC jobs, which blows my mind as to why the NFL would want him as a head coach.

    Anyway, one I saw said that it means he most likely resigned as OC of USC.
  4. i don't know if he resigned, it was my understanding that usc had reversed course and was now going to allow him to interview for nfl jobs.
  5. Yes, that’s correct but some reports are saying it most likely means he has resigned as OC and one I saw said he was fired even. So pretty all over the place at the moment.
  6. i can't imagine he was fired nor can i imagine they forced him to resign.

    how in the world would you get any staff of any merit if they know they are locked in at usc.
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  7. So compiling a 35-40 record over six years at Texas Tech and being their least successful coach in over 30 years makes you a hot commodity in the NFL? KK needs to pay his PR guy half his salary.
  8. Agreed, although I believe he had threatened to resign if not allowed to interview so if the resignation part is true, then I assume that’s how it probably went down. Total guess though.
  9. Right? I don’t get it. Must be some sort of Sean McVay syndrome type thing, get the fresh new young offensive mind guy.
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  10. Honestly, I bet if he looked like Mike Leach he'd have trouble getting a G5 job. I do think that played a part in it because his teams generally looked unprepared and undisciplined. Aren't preparation and discipline like the hallmarks of every great coach?
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  11. Just read that KK may be the leading candidate for the Cardinals HC position. Beyond baffling
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    Totally - and the thing is, there will be a lot of misses because McVay is a special, special mind, motivator, leader. A total beast. Funny story - KK once said to McVay, “I want to be like you, and McVay said “you’ll never be like me”
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  13. Lavender mafia takes care of its own
  14. Maybe he takes Cumbie with him...
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  15. Not a coach but one of the best backs in the league.

  16. I heard a NFL guy once say that it’s not unusual for a guy to be brought in to interview for a coordinator job under the disguise that it’s for a HC job. My guess is that teams really want him as a OC but could only get him in the door to interview by telling him and his employer it’s for a HC job.
  17. If hes smart he'll build his stock at sc where he can put up crazy numbers with those recruits in a not so stout pac12
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  18. Looks like Beaty is going to be hired at Texas in some coaching position
  19. he did some "consulting" work for them before the big 12 title game.

    curious who would be leaving if he is going to take a coaching position
  20. Great grab. Big time recruiter. And he can coach WRs.
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