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Coaching Carousel- 2018

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by netty2424, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. Another move in the Big12, not named TCU.
  2. No surprise...
  3. Boggles the mind...
  4. to quote a deceased uncle who lived outside of st. louis for several years.

    "it is bill scheissing bidwill and that is all that needs to be said"
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  5. Can't imagine he'll have that much respect in the room, but who knows, maybe this somehow works. If nothing else, he's now an NFL coach so he's in the fraternity. He'll have a job somewhere in the league until he's 70 if he wants it. And no more recruiting.
  6. Do you get extra wins in the NFL for having the hottest coach in the league? Cant think of another reason to make him your HC other than to attract female fans.

    There's no denying he can run a great offense. But if his time in Lubbuttock as head man proved anything it's that he cares or knows very little about assembling even a decent defense and that includes his ability to hire good defensive staff. I don't get how the NFL finds a guy like that attractive for anything more than OC.

    I hope he does well, though. I started out a Coach Bro hater, but he started to do things the right way and I started to respect him beyond the offensive Xs and Os.
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  7. cardinals are hoping he can do for rosen what mcvay has done for the rams and goff.

    big difference is mcvay actually cut his teeth in the nfl and his grandfather worked in the nfl. as far as i know kingsbury has no experience with the nfl game.
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  8. Cardinals were desperate. After their horrible season, where their offense was historically bad, this was the only hire that could help excite some fans. The coaching pool was also relatively weak this year.

    It's interesting to think if Kliff would've still been at Tech if his starting QB hadn't suffered a collapsed lung.
  9. Did Rhule get the Jets job? Is life crazy enough?

  10. Thought this was an interesting stat
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  11. When "going fast" is one of the staples of your offense, it's going to make your offense statistically "better", and defense statistically "worse" 100% of the time....unless you dig down to the numbers that really matter.

    Maybe this will work, but the bottom line is this guy was in a job that was probably as tailor-made for him as any job could be, and he didn't even win half his games. And I know Lubbock isn't the easiest place to win but the three prior coaches did better then he did.
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  12. Ok. St Hires Sean Gleeson as it’s new OC. He previously served as OC for Princeton. Led FCS in total offense and scoring offense.

    Give Gundy credit...He scours the country and finds bright young coaches...He wasn’t their first choice but he’s an interesting one...Guy fits the the creative passing game mode they like.

    Gundy doesn’t seem to feel the pressure to hire somebody he’s connected to like GP...
  13. Where did the previous OKstate OC go? or was he fired?
  14. Went to Ohio State as QB coach and Passing Game Coordinator
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  15. These big programs and have so many darning coaches on staff they just make up titles.

    Passing game coordinator. Lol.
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    No, we most likely have the worst pair of WRs coaching in this league. But GP has to find Anderson something else that is less critical for him to do and give the WRs what they deserve... a teacher of the position..
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  17. How about "towel guy".
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  18. Mike Stoops hired by BAMA as a Def Analyst
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    mike is an expert on what not to do when you play clemson
  20. Graham Harrell to USC an OC. I guess they like the Tech offense

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