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Coaching Carousel- 2018

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by netty2424, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. I know the Kingsbury news was posted in another thread, but it’s about time for some coaching movement across the country so here’s the thread.

    Looks like Kliff Kingsbury will get it started this year.

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  2. Think Raiders make a run at Seth Littrell?
  3. Seems like a logical move and a smart one IMO, but some out in Lubbock may want a “bigger name.”

    If Kansas can get Les Miles, surely Tech can get someone most of the country has heard of.
  4. True, that delusional fan base in Lubbock won't be happy with Littrell.
  5. Maybe they go for Bobby Petrino...Lol
  6. i know the name of a few people who did great things in their past, but i wouldn't pick them to build a future.

    tech doesn't need to replicate the mistake made by kansas.
  7. Many Raider fans want him but just as many, if not more, seem to be tired of the Leach tree so that may not be as open as many think.
  8. fify
  9. I think Venables is most likely, if he wants it. A defensive HC would be a huge departure for them but is probably what they need.
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  10. Think they’ll make looks part of the hiring equation? I mean all those girls with the “Our Coach is Hotter than Your Coach” shirts don’t want to throw those away.

    Could you imagine seeing an idiot sorority girl running around with that shirt if they hired Mangino?
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    My vote is to hire Kliff. Kliff's offense and Gary's defense...Good luck with that Bama.
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  12. Larry Fedora fired at North Carolina.
  13. Mangino will make somebody a good coach.
  14. Surely Meyer or Saban would jump at the chance to coach out in Lubbock.
  15. I’m not sure to be honest. I do my best not to listen to Lubbock radio shows...you wanna talk about bad....whoa. But he definitely makes comments often as to the things you’ve mentioned.
  16. Co-coaches
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    Kansas, Colorado, Louisville, Maryland all out front. With Tech and UNC making their moves pretty much simultaneously today and USC keeping Helton, next P5s to keep an eye on are probably BC, Georgia Tech....and K-State.

    Also openings at Central Michigan, UMass, Texas State, Charlotte, and Bowling Green after firings on or before Friday.

    247 has a tracker here that also includes coordinators:
  18. Kansas? As an OC?

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