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Coaching Carousel- 2018

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by netty2424, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. New coach is a players coach. Looks a lot like what Kliff Kingsbury did at Tech when he first came in.
  2. Teams making themselves better by making coach changes where called for.
  3. Those lockers in Morgantown better be on guard for the sledgehammer treatment...
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  4. Man, I don't get this one...
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  5. Same thing as colts last year. I don’t understand
  6. League is indeed getting better..Lot of schools investing heavily. We can’t afford to have back to back bad seasons. Talent on this roster is to good to waste..
  7. I bet that’s getting old for the Baylor fans. Lol.
  8. WVU nation is very pumped up over Brown hire. LSU site has some comments like here's who we'll hire when the O is inevitably canned, or "we can schedule troy again.

    Brown was offensive coor. at texas tech under Tuberville from 2010-2012. He destroyed 5-0 WVU, was named national offensive coor. of week when Texas Tech upset OU 41-38.

    At troy he took over a 3-9 team. 2 years later he almost beat Clemson in Death valley the year they won the title(30-24 loss). He did beat LSU in baton Rouge, breaking LSU's 46 game win streak against non sec foes. He beat Huskers this year in Lincoln and won 10 games despite losing his starting qb the 2nd game of the season.

    What is telling is he was highly successful as an offensive coor. in the big 12 for 3 years before taking the troy job.
  9. Sounds like a great hire for WVU....good luck to the 'eers...
  10. I hope Rhule goes to the Jets only bc I want Richard to stay in Dallas at least one more year.
  11. I thought he did a great job calling the games. Had some insightful thoughts, could simplify and explain the x’s & o’s, and was relatable without constantly starting his statements with “back when I was playing.”
  12. Looks like Matt Wells has added Chuckie Keeton to Tech's staff as a grad assistant. Wish he still had some eligibility. [​IMG]
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  13. WVU defensive coordinator, Tony Gibson, wonder if TCU could offer him an analyst job for a year or so? I liked what he did at WVU. He would be a good coach GP and defensive staff could gain ideas from and help with the gameplans.
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  14. Interesting, very cool, and same here! I’m hoping Wells can really improve the commit from Angelo, McIvor.
  15. any indication if gibson will follow to uh?
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    USC denying NFL teams from interviewing Kliff Kingsbury. Guess they really want him. Let's see how well that goes over next season. #YOLO
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  17. Not exactly cut from the Rich Rodriguez cloth when it comes to leaving for bigger and better things.

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