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Coaching Carousel- 2018

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by netty2424, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. They would probably flag that play now.
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  2. I remember if we were lucky enough to be on the RayCom network or a scratchy independent channel 11 before it was CBS. Good ole bad ole daze....
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  3. Disagree. It may have been flagged, but clearly would have been overturned in review. He clearly put his shoulder into his shoulder. No launch. Perfectly clean hit.
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  4. Agree.
  5. Why does the NT coach think he is a shoe in at ou if Riley leaves?
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  6. He better continue to have a good team when this QB leaves
  7. I agree that it SHOULDN'T be flagged, but I'm cynical these days with how officials call things. Seems these days that officials err on the side of player safety and not whether the play was actually within the rules. I've seen too many questionable targeting calls the past 2 years.
  8. Frog players dancing around would be evicted from the game for hurting Tech fans' feelings....
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  9. He and Lincoln worked together at Tech under Leach. Supposedly they are buddies. In addition, Littrell is from Muskogee, OK and has a ton of people in the state who respect him. I don’t think it’s him that thinks he’s a shoe in...I think many OU insiders have said that based on his respect and trajectory that it’s only a matter of time.
  10. Thanks for the info
  11. I think that is a perfect fit
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  12. Agree...Going to continue the downhill running tradition...

  13. Thought this was pretty cool
  14. interesting, style works because they have the physical advantage on most opponents.

    how does it work when you face better talent?
  15. Cool idea, but their AD is a total and absolute dud of a personality.
  16. I can answer that...Go check in with the previous N.Dakota coach who’s now at Wyoming..He’d Probably tell you it doesn’t translate as well as he’d hoped.....Don’t get me wrong..They are way more physical on both sides of the ball then when we played together in a conference, but life is a lot tougher
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  17. Boom I called it. Great hire by Kansas State.

    Kleiman has gone 67-6 with three Football Championship Subdivision national championships at North Dakota State. You don't have that much success without being a heck of a coach.

    I hear KSU fans are not happy about this hire but I think they will be eating some crow.

    TCU needs to continue to up it's game because for one team to rise other teams must fall. Now with Klieman, Miles, Wells all winning coaches, Big 12 is going to be really competitive.
  18. They better figure out how to recruit..They are all solid coaches but they are all taking over programs that have a history of recruiting +40 and a lot of mediocrity. We have a HC that Id put up against anyone in the country and it’s pretty clear we are damn near our ceiling because of where we recruit.

    Klieman was working with twice the talent at SDk as most the teams he played against. He took over for a guy who also won 3 National Titles. The talent gap will be huge in the Big12..Having said that, physical fundamentally sound football translates pretty well. Ask Matt Campbell.
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  19. Not sure if it was the same coach but wanna say ND state beat K state a few years ago

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