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Coaching Carousel- 2018

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by netty2424, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. UT’s old OC and now USF’s ex-OC on the move...
  2. about that haircut
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  3. Not a great position to be in. KSU will probably always be a stepping stone to some degree so no way around it really unless you hire a coach that no blue blood program is ever gonna want, which is almost impossible.

    If I were investing in the KSU program, I’d be going heavy on the short position.
  5. Georgia Tech apparently hired Temple’s coach to be their new head coach.
  6. Did he turn down the Oregon job?
  7. Far underrated post.
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  8. Second straight coach to leave on December 7th...a date which will live in infamy.
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  9. I only listen to 610 when the Texans are being broadcast.
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  10. Deleted?
  11. You think LR gone after this season? I don’t see Stoops hand picking Riley as his successor without at least a discussion pertaining long-term stability there, no?

    No way OU lets him walk for money. Even though their checks are bouncing, I’m sure there’s a line of donors willing to pay him to stay.
  12. No but for some reason it's not coming up. For North Texas this is pretty big news.
    I think Mac Brown so far is making some good choices in coaches.

    The tweet said:

    BREAKING: The Air Raid is coming to North Carolina. Graham Harrell will be #UNC’s offensive coordinator.
  13. Dude went with the yuppie short and still found a way to keep the bama bangs.
  14. It is a not prediction, but it is a possibility.

    Who knows what could happen if an NFL owner believes that LR can lead them to a couple of Super Bowls. NFL owners have stupid money and can spend it on anyone or anything they want.

    That is why KSU wanted a big buy out for Littrell. Why hire a guy like SL who is guaranteed to leave for OU when that job opens?
  15. Anything’s possible I guess. Just don’t see him leaving yet. I have nothing to base that on other than my gut telling me he and Stoops probably had some type of gentlemen’s agreement when he hired him that this wasn’t a quick hit, here’s Mayfield then take off when he graduates.
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  17. In honor of Graham Harrell getting a job!
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  18. You’ve got a sweet TV contract when your games are on OLN.
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