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Coaching Carousel- 2018

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by netty2424, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. Seems like a very underwhelming hire. I guess working for Saban a couple years kind of erases years of mediocrity.
  2. Has he been head coach somewhere besides New Mexico? Don’t think that’s an indictment of him if he couldn’t turn them around...
  3. No, except for a short time as Maryland’s interim. 3-31 overall as a head coach. A bunch of years as an assistant at mostly average to below average programs. Would hardly seem like a resume that would land a Big 10 job.
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  4. According to his Wiki, New Mexico. 3-31 record.


    EDIT Wex beat me to it.
  5. instead of hiring someone with a squeaky clean background maryland hires someone familiar which isn't always a good thing.

    here is mike's second chance and hopefully he learned from the mistakes at new mexico state.

    the most interesting part to me will be who does saban now hire as his oc. each time he has hired a new oc he has added something new to the bama offense and things definitely opened up in the rpo world under locksley.

    if you are an offensive coach wanting to restore your rep bama has been the job so who is next?
  6. it looks to be like maryland hired someone they know instead of someone to build a new culture for a program with some issues.
  7. He didn't just "not turn them around", he torpedoed them. To be fair, they were on probation for most of his time there, but he took a team that was consistently in the 6 to 8 win range to the Kansas of the MWC.

    Oh, but maybe he at least cleaned up the program? Nope. He fired an administrative assistants because she was too old, assaulted an assistant coach, and then a friend of his kid was busted driving his car around town and bragging that he was a recruit.

    Dude was a disaster.
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  8. That’s all ringing a bell. Think there was a sexual harassment claim thrown in the mix too. I think maybe Maryland is trying to win back some credibility in the community...
  9. He is a horrible coach.
  10. Why didn’t Maryland just promote their interim coach? I thought he did a really good job this year, all things considered.
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  11. Kingsbury to USC OC confirmed
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  12. Great hire for them.
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  13. Agreed...As well as Leach has run through that league Kingsbury should crush it. The type of athlete he’ll have access to LA could revitalize that program..
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  14. This will improve that program. Let's see how recruiting goes, and how the $$$ people support them.
  15. Matt Wells made it official 6 of his USU assistants. Joining his staff at Texas Tech are: Jovon Bouknight (outside receivers), Julius Brown (defensive backs), Steve Farmer (offensive line), DeAndre Smith (running backs), Luke Wells (tight ends / inside receivers) and his strength coach Dave Scholz.
  16. Oh boy. Unbelievable.

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