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Coaching Carousel- 2018

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  1. "Yo Coach, congrats on ur retirement. I bet u gon be doin a bunch of travellin now, so you need some luggage? Or a watch? Get at me."

  2. Don't forget the weed.
  3. Anyone have any insight on the Georgia DC who it looks like is about to be named Colorado’s new head coach?
  4. This got me
  5. if Hocutt chose Wells over Holgorsen and pissed off the Double Eagle guys to boot, then he is not a smart AD.
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  6. Les Miles new Kansas coach!
    Mack Brown to unc
  7. Did you hear TCU beat OSU last week and the Frogs are going bowling?
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  8. Yeah watched [ Arschloch]
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    No way the big donor money thing is true. They’ve announced the big gifts for the end zone project over the past couple years and Hocutt is raising money hand over fist up there for all their capital projects, plus he’s earned a huge amount of trust from the big wigs. Tech like most state schools just has some 5-figure donors that think they get 7-figure donor influence and make a big stink and tell stories about the “big donors” that are entirely projecting.
  10. Yeah, he choked away a lead today.
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  11. The fake punt didn’t help him out any

    Georgia played a hell of a game defensively
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  12. He’s going to be pretty upset once he finds out they play on turf.
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  13. that isn't the only thing he is going to be upset about
  14. Sounds official...
  15. 1. The Double Eagle guys sold their previous company for $2.8B and have just raised another $1B for a new company. They're not '5-figure donors that think they get 7-figure donor influence'. They're T. Boone Pickens level potential donors....and they're not in their 90's, so they have plenty of earning and giving potential left.

    2. They had pledged to fund the South Endzone renovation for Jones AT&T Stadium back in January, but have now threatened to pull that funding. Let's hope cooler heads prevail.

    3. I have no reason to believe they made up the Holgerson thing and even better, I don't know what they stand to gain by making it all up.

    If you just wanted to make up a lie to cause the most traction, hurt the AD and hurt the biggest rival possible, why not just make up a lie about Lincoln Riley instead?

    The Holgerson thing had multiple separately identified sources. It was 100% accurate.

    After a little more research on Wells and listening to his press conference, I'm now leaning towards Hocutt believing Matt Wells was just the best man for the job.

    Wells talks and has a similar belief system to Chris Beard and Tim Tadlock. No clue if he can win like them but he sounds like he's cut from the same cloth.

    I can now see what Hocutt saw in Matt Wells. It's a HUGE risk, especially if KSU now hires Littrell. Hocutt's hire will be directly compared to whatever Littrell can accomplish in Manhatten and somewhat to whatever Holgerson does going forward.
  16. I watched a replay video of his press conference. I like him and like you, I think he does seem to share the same type of persona or at least the one that we see seems similar to the other good Tech coaches.

    I’m not sure he’ll do well and again, like you, I agree that his hiring is a huge risk. But it seems certain he’s going to bring some seriousness and professionalism to the program that I think is needed.
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  17. East Carolina named Mike Houston as head coach. He led James Madison to the 2016 FCS title.
  18. It’s apparently official, Kingsbury has agreed to a deal with USC to be their new offensive coordinator.
  19. Bama OC Mike Locksley hired as Maryland’s HC.
  20. Mistake on Maryland's part - the guy talks a good game and knows some Xs & Os but is way below average when it comes to team leadership.
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