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Coaching Carousel- 2018

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by netty2424, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. This is a solid hire for Tech. Matt Wells has performed a minor miracle at Utah State: he developed talent in his limited talent pool with limited facilities in a small Mormon mountain town. For those complaining, remember Utah fans gripes about hiring an obscure coach from Bowling Green back in the day. His name was Urban Meyer.
    Wells believes in hard nosed, disciplined football. His offense this year leads the FBS in scoring drives under one minute and USU is averaging 43 points per game against their opponents’ 27.
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  3. I can’t figure out why Littrell isn’t a big enough name but the Utah State coach is. Seemed like an easy choice to me. He’s younger, knows Texas better, was an assistant at Tech for several years...

    Not saying Wells is a bad hire; just don’t get why he was such a standout that they hired him immediately in lieu of a guy like Littrell.
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  4. Tech's Hocutt promised an "elite" coach hire for Tech. I don't see it with this Utah State coach. Maybe he's the 2nd coming of Christ, but I don't see it.

    As crap as Les Miles is/might be, Kansas wins this competition. Kansas. Let that sink in.
  5. Or Neal Brown. Seems to me he's a better fit than this Wells guy.

    Guess we'll see if Hocutt is a genius, like my Tech friends claim, or a moron, like my other Tech friends claim.

    Yes, I have too many Tech friends.
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  6. The main thing is that Tech fans are, once again, divided.
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  7. Holgo is currently in his 3rd 3-loss season with WVU.

    Leach only had 2 seasons with 3 or less losses in his entire tenure at TTU.

    Kingsbury's best season was a 5-loss.

    Holgo would be an upgrade for TTU. You don't seem to like him but it's true.
  8. It’s harder to win at TT than it is WVU. Nobody seems to want to believe that either.
  9. I'd probably agree with that but more based on my personal hunch than any data
  10. Every player he has sent a handwritten note better do the same to him... if kids still know how to use a pen these days.
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  11. That would be awesome. Let’s send a KFC letter just for the hell of it.
  12. Sorry to see Snyder go from the coaching ranks.

    Just "if" their D could have surpressed ISU's O in the 4thQ last weekend, K-State would be bowl eligible (Armed Forces Bowl?) and The Wizard would probably still be employed.

    He always impressed me with how "business-like" his teams looked when on the field of play. Very few mistakes on their part that led to a L.
  13. Wonder if Wells will bring David Yost with him...That guy is a great OC...Would love him to be at TCU...
  14. Believe it’s already been confirmed Yost and the DC from Utah State will be following to Tech. Could be wrong though.

    Also believe that Utah State’s strength and conditioning coach will be following as well and he is supposedly (according to Utah State fan’s it seems) a steal.
  15. Seriously....I'd volunteer to craft some language for Ryann and Wes and others if they want to. But someone will have to write it as my handwriting is physician-level bad.
  16. Genius
  17. Get ready to see some "reporters" throw out the GP is a candidate for that job.
  18. How do we know they did not attempt to talk to Littrell? Maybe he said No Thanks.

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