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Championship Week Rooting Guide

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by LVH, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. Yeah I am in Las Vegas
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  2. usc takes down az. has to help more than anything else though not sure the amount of the bump
  3. OU in a dogfight w/ WVa.....down with 4 mins left 66-63
  4. Back to back Airballs by OU (we know how that feels) - ‘neers closing in on a W, wow
  5. OU loss good for Frogs?
  6. OU hits a jumper at the buzzer. Called a 3 on the floor (to tie), upon review he has a toe on the line.

    OU loses by 1

    Sooners now with only ~50% chance to make the dance. Would have been a near certain invite (95%+) with a W
  7. ^^ crazy ending
    OU loses 72-71
    O/U was 144.....wow
  8. Other than (obviously) the game against KSU today, any other games of note that might impact our invite chances?
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    Indiana v Ohio State 11:30

    Florida v Arkansas Noon

    Georgetown v Seton Hall 8:30

    PAC 12 bid stealing:

    USC v Washington 2:00

    UCLA v Arizona State 8:00
  10. All Times Pacific - March 14

    9:00am - BUFFALO over AKRON

    9:30am - VIRGINIA over NC STATE

    9:30am - OHIO STATE over INDIANA

    10:00am - FLORIDA over ARKANSAS

    11:30am - TCU over KANSAS STATE

    11:30am - XAVIER over CREIGHTON

    12:00pm - NEVADA over BOISE STATE

    12:00pm - WASHINGTON over USC

    12:00pm - TULANE over MEMPHIS

    4:00pm - MARQUETTE over ST. JOHN'S

    4:00pm - PENN STATE over MINNESOTA

    4:00pm - OLE MISS over ALABAMA

    6:00pm - KANSAS over TEXAS

    6:00pm - UCLA over ARIZONA STATE

    6:30pm - SETON HALL over GEORGETOWN
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  11. This is great work!
  12. If (and a big if) we win today, I don't think we can beat Iowa state a 3rd time. Hard to beat them in KC.
  13. ^ agree. They are looking solid today, whipping up on Baylor
  14. Every morning game (except of course the Frogs) went the way we needed it to. Memphis bearing Tulane pretty bad at the moment.
  15. Not sure the logic of wanting Florida to win. They are ranked around where we are or behind on most brackets. I figured teams close to us, we would want them to lose. Arkansas is no threat for an at large or to with the tourney. I would think we would have wanted Arky to win.
  16. Makes our win over them look better. But it could go either way
  17. Horns cooked

    KU let them hang around and UT had nuthin’

    Shaka is prolly toast
  18. We need chalk in the mid major tourneys. Can’t have two or three upsets where the favorite is an at large team or else we are on the outside looking in.

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