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Championship Week Rooting Guide

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by LVH, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. All irrelevant if we lose on Wednesday, but anyway

    Looks like Murray State is going to hang on and win the OVC, which almost certainly means Belmont will be stealing an at-large bid, which is bad news for us

    Sunday March 10 Rooting Guide

    1. UNC Greensboro to beat Furman. If Furman wins I think they are in the field regardless of whether or not they beat Wofford/ETSU

    2. Wofford to beat East Tennessee State. Wofford is in regardless so its really to avoid the doomsday scenario of the Southern Conference sending 3 teams if neither Furman nor Wofford win it

    3. Lipscomb to beat Liberty. Two birds with one stone here, makes our Lipscomb loss look less bad, and Lipscomb is a fringe at-large contender
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  2. Are these games on TV?
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    Libscomb is currently playing on ESPN

    Edit: and Wofford vs ETSU is on ESPN+
  4. Liberty and Libscomb down to the wire.

    66-65 Libscomb is ahead with 1:30 to go.

    Should be Libscomb ball after an official review.
  5. 66-67, Liberty leads with 21 sec to go and the ball.
  6. Liberty will win the ASUN. Bummer.

    Darn Ian McCaw
  7. I think Lipscomb belongs in over us.
  8. East Tennessee State making a run. Down 4 with a little over 8 to go. Wofford's shooting is insane. They hit shots from everywhere. #3 can not miss
  9. I don’t think Belmont will be stealing a bid. Their schedule is barely top 200. 3 teams with that have made it in 12 years at-large.

    I’d be a bit more worried about Wofford losing.

    Wow, Lipscomb was a 7 pt favorite....
  10. Wofford pulling away. Their shooting is ridiculous. Surprised they are only 9th in offensive efficiency nationally
  11. Ohio State bubble nearly to burst, getting smoked by Wisky......

    incredibly Indiana entering the mix losing 12 of 13 but since on the verge of winning 4 straight
  12. If there is a bid stealer I believe it will be Belmont. They beat Lipscomb twice and the OVC is thought of better than the A-Sun. Need Buffalo to win the MAC.
  13. Just because they beat us doesn’t mean that. They should have beat Louisville or any other solid team such as splitting with Belmont instead of going 0-2 against them.

  14. 2 of 3 ain’t bad.
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  15. Monday March 11

    1. WOFFORD to beat UNC GREENSBORO. Wofford destroyed UNCG both times they played this year, but so did South Dakota State over Western Illinois and Western Illinois managed to beat South Dakota State this past Saturday. Crowd should be tilted toward UNCG. If Wofford shoots the ball like they did yesterday they won't lose but UNCG has just as good of a player as Fletcher McGee in Francis Alonso.

    2. GONZAGA over PEPPERDINE. Self explanitory. Gonzaga hasn't lost in the WCC tournament in 11 years so I don't think this will happen

    3. SAN DIEGO over ST. MARYS. I think St. Mary's is a fraud and not an at-large candidate but a loss here will finish them off for good.
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  16. I love this thread. It makes me watch and root against teams that I never would care about. How fun to even be a bubble team after 20 years of pedestrian hoops. Not trying to start a “Is Dixon doing a good enough job” fight, just saying that for twenty years we haven’t cared about any of these games and now they matter.
  17. Greensboro off to a hot start

    Honestly I believe teams like Greensboro belong in over us so if they win I won't be that mad. We had several chances to win games against quality teams.
  18. The ball just went out of bounds and they gave it to Wofford. My 8 yr old just said “YES. Our ball!”. Couldn’t be prouder!
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  19. We can thank the refs for Wofford winning. That was one of the worst officiated games I have seen in a conference final. You think the Southern Conference would be biased toward Greensboro so they get 2 teams in. UNCG got absolutely hosed in the last 6 minutes or so
  20. Mark Few the CBB equivalent to GP?

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