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Cannon opts out.

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Double D, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. A few years ago Marcus Cannon was treated for non-Hodgkins lymphoma and had put that condition into remission. Just guessing, but he probably feels he would be more vulnerable to a more serious threat from the pandemic than most.
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  2. just when kfc’ers were starting to get the pitchforks out you have to ruin it by a sensible and logical thought. oh well, at least we have maniacs initial reaction.
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  3. If I could afford to take a year off, I would.

    I get out everyday and do my job because I need to provide for my family.

    I’m not going to fault someone for taking care of their health.

    Best of luck to him, I hope he’s able to play again next year
  4. I fully understand Cannon's decision.

    Question: is there a single player, in either college or professional sports, who has suffered severe effects from CV?

    Follow up: is there a single player who has suffered moderate effects from CV?
  5. without a doubt, you are the biggest ass on killerfrogs.
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  6. Geez Maniac.

    Do you think at all before you post?

    You're a good Frog but back it off by 1/3rd.
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  7. I heard somewhere yesterday that 70% of nfl players would be considered high risk. That sounds aggressive to me, but you can bet every single offensive lineman would be at risk for complications if they got covid.
  8. Maniac made a mistake. Maybe it should be deleted (if that’s what he wants). Hopefully that’s what he wants.

    Marcus has represented TCU and the Patriots very well. This is an appropriate use of “respect my decision”.

    Good luck Marcus! Stay safe!
  9. how on earth would anyone know this? do you expect each athlete that has had CV to publicly rate their symptoms?
  10. Sounds like that's just based on BMI.
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  11. You clearly aren't reading my posts.
  12. I would think it would be fairly easy to find this out as I’m sure the “media” would report on this pretty heavily as they have the NBA, now the Marlins, etc.
  13. Dewsh.
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  14. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cb...t-issue-stemming-from-covid-19-infection/amp/


    I only looked for a minute or 2. I knew about Rodriguez because I’m a Red Sox fan.
  15. I can assure the media in this country will be ALL OVER the story of any athlete that gets a bad version of this virus (assuming the player tells his story). See Freddie Freeman an an example.
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  16. Eduardo Rodriquez has covid myocarditis.
  17. Define "at risk".

    More at risk than an otherwise healthy 25-30 year old that weighs 180 pounds? Sure, I'd buy that. But I don't buy that the typical NFL offensive lineman would be considered at all "high-risk". Not even close. Cannon's health history presents a different variable but I would guess his age and the fact that he's already made a boatload of money and is probably set for life already factors into this decision as much as anything.
  18. I’d say being overweight is probably the most common underlying condition when people have complications with covid.
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