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Bye Cumbie

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by LVH, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. I think we have reached a consensus, the offense stinks.

    Fix that and we're good.
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  2. By all players...offensive and defensive.
  3. There is one thing to think about that many here have mentioned.
    Cumbie is an air raid guy. He recruited kids for the hybrid air raid tempo space run madness. But that ain't what we have been running this season. Honestly, dont know what the scheiss we ar running.
    So, question remains, why?
    Is it Patterson stopping it?
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  4. we haven’t run that system since 2016. It’s precisely why Cumbie was given the keys when Meachum left. He was told to change the offense to a run first spread attack.
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  5. Well, maybe GP should stay the hell out of offense.
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  6. Cumbie is mediocre, I have new found respect for Boynkin and Kenny Hill. Those doods coached themselves. Oh, for the glory days of Hill..! Hopefully Max sticks with us and we find him a coach that can help tap his considerable talent. If I were him, I'd probably hang around to see what we do at OC, and then decide whether I stay or go.
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  7. Perhaps but it doesn’t change the fact that he hasn’t been able to do what he was hired to do.
  8. Maybe we should have someone at OC good enough that he can stay out of the offense.
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  9. If he’s gonna fire Cumbie, the entire offensive staff must go.
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  10. Very cryptic. Tell us more bro
  11. I didn't think they were either.

    I have no opinion on Meacham other than personally he's a great guy.
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  12. Cumbie seems like a good human, but he was/is unable to deliver a scheme that effectively causes our opponent to change from what they wanted to do at the outset of the game. Maybe this is on Coach P for putting handcuffs on him and his idea of an offense....regardless, there was a totally inability to OODA loop faster and better than the coaching staff and teams across the field.

    I would try to argue that we changed our style of play to try and counter what was being done by other teams and just failed, but that would fly in the face of every observation of the offense being offensively bad. The defense tries from time to time, and played their tails off most games. But there was still a lot of turteling up or gambles on blitzes that just didn’t stand a chance at getting home.

    Not sure I’m ready to see GP go, but the O isn’t even on life support after this season...it’s just scheissing dead.
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  13. Agree but can’t help but feel Gary’s best is in the past. Need a young energetic coach kind of like Gary in 1999.
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  14. Sounds like the role of a DC
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  15. Exactly which play yesterday did you see any chance at running an air raid?

    the one where Duggan had 1.2 seconds to throw before the nose guard was hitting him in the head or the one where he had .9 seconds before the LB ran him out of the pocket

    sometimes I wonder if many people on this board actually watch the games...
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  16. Yeah - I mean hey in the last 100 years we have had about two winning coaches - I am sure it won’t be any problem for our AD who has never been one before to run out and find us another one to replace the winningest coach in our schools history

    might even get it done over lunch...
  17. Nobody said it’d be easy but hard not to think the program is moving in the wrong direction.
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  18. So let’s just blow it all up and hope some guy who had a few good years at App St or Georgia Southern or FAU is the answer?

    And when that doesn’t work - like it doesn’t for most schools - then what?

    you do realize most coaching changes don’t work out for the better don’t you? I meant most schools are forced to do it by a coach leaving and even then, it is much more common for a school to take a big step back

    Michigan, USC, Tenn, FSU...not like those programs have any history of being good or anything

    And look how well their multiple coaching changes are working out...
  19. Yep. It’s as good as its ever gonna get. No changes needed. Let’s ride!
  20. Regrettably, the offense's incompetency was exceeded only by the predictability and boredom of the devised play calling.

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