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  1. Office of Strategic Influence?
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  2. That was well thought out and very descriptive. Clint Eastwood should direct the film version.
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  3. I was waiting for PurplFrawg to chime in first.
    Office of Special Investigations
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  4. Makes more sense. The other OSI was a looong time ago.
  5. So all those people knew and Art didn't. How scheissing stupid. Needs to be scorched earth that will never grow another Baylor in a thousand years.
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  6. Pretty funny that Art says he didn't know, yet HE has the documentation and turns it over to be discovered. LOL
  7. Art Briles knows nothing but lying. He is a horrible human that deserves much worse than he got.
  8. I'd take 1/10th of what he got, and I'm not even a bad guy.
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  9. It has been mentioned here before. They shielded players from discipline so they could be competitive in football. "for competitive advantage" is a key phrase used by the NCAA. That is why this is different from Penn State. Yes, the NCAA has enough to move on.

    But your view has weight to it, because the NCAA is just jacked up right now.

    On a whole other issue, there are still e-mails and texts that show Briles knew. At some point, an assistant coach, staffer in that department or an admin is going to look for cya and expose more.

    Burn. It. Down.
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  10. They are really good agents. And get to do some really cool "field trips"
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  11. Briles is likely the one who pressed them to not process student misconduct charge. Again, e-mails and texts shows a history of him knowing about those lowlifes he had on his team...and working to keep them out of trouble.
  12. Would it be prudent to say that Art Briles is a complete piece of [ steaming pile of Orgeron ]?
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  13. That is a given.
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  14. I don't think it is prudent to repeat truisms.
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  15. Roll Toad, everybody. He'll be here all season. Tip your waiter...
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  16. I've said it a dozen times in this thread, but the more that comes out on this scandal the more it proves Baylor has supreme control of the institution. Hell, they still do in spite of all the damning evidence against them. It's both remarkable and repugnant.
  17. Baylor's institutional actions to mitigate damage to its football program and facade of wholesomeness are repugnable.
  18. More proof that Athlon sucks: They say Baylor had a Heisman candidate.
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