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  1. It’s Baylor. They’re idiots.
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  2. To. The. Ground.
  3. Bye Bye Bethany.
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  4. Here come the BF.com folks with their pitchforks and their #CAB shirts because this proves his innocence and further supports the torching of their beloved football team by the BOR

    @RollToad, care to investigate that cesspool and report back like you’ve done in the past?
  5. Concur.
    If there is Ever to be meaningful Change then she & Ramslammer Have to be the first ones to go (followed by half if not more of the complicit and/or complacent BOR).
  6. RR resigned according to the article, but I agree otherwise.

    Edit: and FWIW, my older brother (who is a Baylor grad who lives in Waco and works for Baylor), NEVER liked Ramsower. Always said he be just seemed like a slime ball, etc.
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  7. Have to do it in the morning. But will do.
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  8. If lying during trial doesn’t get her canned, I’m not sure anything will
  9. I don't think I was aware that the first allegation against Elliot was by one of our own...
  10. Basically this article proves what I have been saying all along. Everyone down there was in on it. The coaches, the athletic director, the President, the police, and the administration all knew. Why they all weren't fired is beyond belief. Not only should they be fired, they should also all be in jail. What a disgusting group of people.
  11. Yeah that’s interesting. Also Briles handing this information over is going to put a lot of pressure on the NCAA to do something. How this isn’t a clear example of lack of institutional control is beyond me.
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  12. Well, unless they can prove some recruit got extra cream cheese for his bagel during a recruiting trip, the NCAA isn’t going to do anything.
  13. Acknowledged but Ramslammer is Still drawing a baylor paycheck on faculty. His “step down” is bad window dressing. I’ll believe change is happening there when a 6 foot 11 inch Texas Ranger walks in un-announced, dismisses his frumping secretary, closes the inner office door, shows his badge, introduces himself, does not shake hands, sits down, pulls out a subpoena, reads him his rights, then pulls out a small notebook from his coat pocket and accidentally drops his chrome steel handcuffs on the floor, picks them & drops them on Ramslammers desk then quietly begins with a pen click:

    “I have a few questions....”
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  14. sounds like you've been there
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  15. This just proves that TCU was in cahoots with UT, taking them down and being jealous of their success.
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  16. "One crapcamp, one Ranger."
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  17. Umm, that's not cream cheese Baylor is putting on their bagels.
  18. Smegma.
  19. Let’s just say I’ve interacted with a few OSI’s.

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