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  1. I appreciate that Baylor is trying to convince everyone they didn’t enable and then cover up rape - an objectively ridiculous idea, and everyone knows it.
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  2. Hard Knocks showed a clip of Todd Haley yelling at Corey Coleman telling him to show some desire. Guess he never showed it since he’s in Buffalo now.
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  4. How about that 95.7% of rapists wear either green or gold or both?
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  5. I admire that Texas was able to fleece ESPN for $200 million for a TV network with an average of 11 viewers.
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  6. Purple - According to surveys in Europe and the U.S., purple is the color most often associated with royalty, magic, mystery, and piety.

    Oh the irony.......
  7. Hence......baylor.
    Typical baylor

    Mixing metaphors here (only half coffee this a.m. so please forgive) that new lady Prez Livingstone cannot “fix” that Gordian knot of a mess there once she got there, no doubt read the unvarnished secret reports. She can’t fire the 2/3 guilty regents—no power and she can’t or won’t fire the guilty/complicit staff/admin due to blackmail or binding “understandings” about where more bodies are buried, etc. etc. ad nauseum.

    And only recourse for victims is file more lawsuits, wait 1-2 years until just before Discovery & hope for big check settlements with NDA’s attached. In the meantime more suffer in silence, shame & solitude. Just wrong, 12th century excuse for leadership down there. I hate the term thoughts & prayers—they need policy & CHANGE & real leadership to ever fix that place, not sure how. Maybe 2nd cup will reveal....
  8. And ANY so-called report that their treatment of women victims also being called Irresponsible is completely unfounded (as in, it can’t be found) and furthermore anyone who would call ANYthing baylor has ever done Irresponsible has now been sacked & replaced by some guy who just got bitten by a Möœse.....
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  9. Mynd you, möœse bytes Kan be pretti nasti...
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  10. Just in, Baylor still performing Rape Cover Up’s year round.
  11. I read that in a broken English French Canadian accent and laughed probably too much.
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  12. Wei not trei a holiday in Sweeden this year?
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  13. Alsø Alsø Wik
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  14. At Baylor they outlaw dancing, so maybe sex is an assault for some of those prudes.
  15. There isn't a more perfect example of how these people can't differentiate the two, sex vs sexual assault.
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  16. To them, sex is assault. It’s a wonder they’re able to procreate. And it’s a shame that they do.
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  17. Bowl ban?? How would that effect them anyhow?? Don't you have to win 6 games to even make a bowl? This is a funny notion.
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  18. This would seem to indicate that those in charge a baylor did not truly grasp the seriousness of the situation. A. Should not have needed to be advised to do it.
    B. Should have done it.

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