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Any news trickling out about yesterday’s Scrimmage yet?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by FrogLifeYo, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. Any news about yesterday’s scrimmage or if GP will be doing another presser?...
  2. A proud non-loss!
  3. We didnt always win these games, great time to be a Frog fan!
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  4. The lower west side was nearly empty
  5. Actually as far as the Spring games the last 18 years go, the fans in attendance were the ones who lost. I guess the coaches look at film for technique, individual effort. Every year our offense has looked awful in the Spring game. but by the sixth game of the season we are usually humming.

  6. there was no scrimmage today, there are no scrimmage reports to be read anywhere. here is what happened. nothing. nothing happened today at the stadium, there is no quarterback competition, no one got hurt, and coach patterson just wants his team to score 1 more point that their opponents
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  7. Texas Tech had more fans there than TCU 70% red versus purple.
  8. So no news on which QB will be running the short side option this year?
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  9. Mike Freeze.
  10. The option pitch is Dwight Smith.
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  11. Didn’t have a black jacket so could not attend.
  12. Trickle
    Cole Trickle
  13. Thanks alot for all these witty replies.
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  14. Solid thread.

    Once again.... SUBSCRIBE TO 247.
    Your answers are over there.
  15. What? You think they want to watch their own team?
  16. And you’ll like those answers. Don’t be a Baylor fan, subscribe today.
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  17. The fall practice reports is what makes it worth it to me, the recruiting news is icing on the cake.
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  18. Jeremy does an outstanding job.
  19. I didn't see anything about the last scrimmage on 247. I saw the previous article from the first scrimmage.

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