Aggies and GP

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  1. None of that aligns with their divine destiny of perpetual mediocrity.
  2. Wow, all the initials above led me to remember this:
  3. With all those degrees you'd think he would be smart enough to realize that the sheer number of times Gilligan darned things up the best course of action would have been to lock him up so he couldn't darn up the next rescue attempt. But, alas, no. He, and all the rest, just kept letting that fool run wild. My theory is they didn't want to be saved. They were all running from something.
  4. Just easier to type than the full name or school.
  5. He had two very good reasons to stay put: Ginger, and Mary Ann.
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  6. I have theories about those two as well.
  7. My theory is that Gilligan's Island sucked.
  8. My theory is I have too much time on my hands and insomnia.
  9. channeling your inner pervert?
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  11. That's four reasons.
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  12. If saggy had half a brain they throw money at Holgerson...He'd be a great fit there...
  13. Interesting thought. Do you think he's got enough skins on the wall. They fire Sumlin, they're going after someone with a few more pages on their resume. Just my opinion. I'd hate to see him go. I like Holgerson.

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