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Aggies and GP

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Peacefrog, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. At one time I could have seen Gary leave for a "bigger" job and there are the stories about him almost leaving for Arkansas. Don't see that now for all the reasons listed above as well as Gary can do some things at TCU he would not be able to do at A&M. He basically can control the access to his program at TCU and that would not be the case with all those Ags who feel they deserve to know what is going on within their program. Same thing I think is going to get TH at Texas.

    Do see Gary one day just up and say screw it and pull of Stoopes, but that is a different matter.
  2. Gary has earned the right to do whatever the hell he wants at this point IMO. I will say this..... if he left tomorrow and we elevated Cumbie to HC and kept the key pieces of the staff here I think we'd be just fine.
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  3. LRBWHCGMFP to aggy?

  4. My only concern/desire is that Patterson thoroughly teaches his defense to someone else before leaving/retiring that is as loyal to our school and program as he has been. I absolutely love the 4-2-5 and the way he coaches and implements it.
  5. I think Patterson learned from this guy...



    Nothing good, ever, comes from being assimilated by aggy.



  6. That's most likely way easier said than done.
  7. From what I've gathered, Glasgow has a great grasp of GP's defense.
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  8. I love the wrinkles GP has thrown in the defense. We ran a 3-2-6 pretty often against Arkansas. The play where Montrel Wilson tracked Allen and then Gaines destroyed him was awesome.
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  9. Tech fans will swear his grasp of defense is nonexistent. I'm assuming his performance there had more to do with the fact that the level of their defensive recruits was and is fairly atrocious, however.
  10. Ok, the soiled tissues is a new one for me with Aggie. [ What the heck? ] is that about??
  11. If Gary Patterson had gone to be the defensive coordinator at Tech at the time that Glasgow did, it pretty much would have been the same results. it would take at least 3 years to get the 4-2-5 implemented at a new program and get the athletes to run it.
  12. It is just incomprehensible how Gaggies see themselves as some elite power in athletics, while the rest of the nation and especially The state of Texas looks at them as a place full Pee Wee Hermans with beanie hats with propellers.

    Texas Abnormal and Maschostic University
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  13. This is exactly the problem with TTU's defense. Of course it's hard to recruit players to TTU, and they have an automatic handicap because of their location. But the fact that they went something insane like 9 years switching DCs every single year doomed them to disaster. Each guy had a different scheme, and each scheme requires particular athletes to be successful. None of them was given a chance to recruit or develop athletes necessary for their defensive scheme to work.

    Glasgow was right in the middle of that. The 4-2-5, even more than most, requires particular athletes to work. He was never given the chance. They ran him out with the conclusion that the 4-2-5 couldn't work in the big boy conference. Well, it seems that 2014, 2015, and hopefully 2017 TCU defenses have put that nonsense to bed forever.

    That, and many, many people smarter than the TTU fanbase have recognized that it's an innovative, sophisticated defense that meets the challenges of both spread and ground-and-pound offenses. For example: http://grantland.com/features/hard-knocks-playing-defense-with-tcus-gary-patterson/
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    One of my cousins went "full aggy," and I asked him about some of aggy corps "traditions." Yes, as a part of their assimilation, they must hold their used toilet paper. Whoop!

    "From the inside you can't explain it, from the outside it is just completely [darned] up..."
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  15. That WAS a fun play to watch. Gaines popped him pretty good. Props to Allen for getting off the turf after that.
  16. [​IMG]

    Gosh, hard to argue with that logic.
  17. I guess, technically the guy is right. One day Gary will retire and leave TCU.
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  18. This.

    Most posts in this thread are tl;dr.

    CGP will pull a Stoops one day when he knows he's done and he's got the right young guy to take over. Could be next year. Could be 10 years. But I fully expect that's how it'll go down.
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  19. FIFY
  20. What in the darning world? They're insane, truly cultish wicker man insane.

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