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  1. Snce most of my replies to threads are pointless I especially hate starting new threads. But I couldn't resist sharing this.

    Enjoy a lengthy Texags thread on why, and why not, Patterson will be the next coach at Aggy.
  2. I had a good laugh at that last night. Good stuff, Corby.
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  3. Hmm...
  4. Champ Bailey


    Against the worst conference in college football.

    He would have been fired twice already for his record here.
  5. It doesn't take much to remind me again on why I don't like the Aggies.
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  6. My favorite post. Even the other ags jumped his ass for that dumb comment. Or her post. Or it's post. I try not to offend.
  7. Lots of facts thrown around in that thread. Seems like an informed group of maroon baylor igits.
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  8. Aggy has quickly become the Texas Tech of the SEC. They're a mediocre program whose entire identity is wrapped up in their conference membership. They have almost nothing to be proud of as a program, and instead, wave the accomplishments of Alabama, LSU, Auburn, etc. as their own and try to belittle teams from what they perceive as lesser conferences.
  9. Yep. The 'lesser conference' that they also completely sucked ass in.
  10. Yep, much as we might like to deny it, there are some reasonable and intelligent Ags out there. They're just so rare and in such microscopic numbers, it sometimes strains faith to acknowledge they exist.

    But where they do exist, they acknowledge that in Fort Worth, the Cultural District, Seventh Street, Sundance Square, and the Stockyards are all -- each individually on their own -- light-years better then the sum-total of anything College Station and Bryan combined.have to offer. I can only assume that the maker of that Fort Worth "dump" comment last visited Fort Worth in the 1970s and hasn't kept up with the city's evolution since. It's the only logical explanation.

    That, or the Aggie in question was intellectually challenged -- which isn't much of an assumption with Aggies.
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  11. Aggies is semi-rural
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  12. Maybe one day they will have a coach that another fan base drools over too...
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  13. I talked to two Aggies at the gym today, and one of them said he will boycott A&M football until the school fires Kevin Sumlin.

    I found that an interesting decision...

    Go Frogs!
  14. That was a funny read. Some of them are in reality and some are not.

    A lot of A&M fans see the world through SWC goggles.

    Could Patterson one day do a Stoops, sure. You can't say never. But Gary has a legacy at TCU. That doesn't mean just football. It's all the people he has impacted at TCU, in Fort Worth, etc. The coaches in the area. The friends and family.

    He has all the publicity you would ever want as a coach right in Fort Worth (national coaches awards, GameDay and like shows, he loves music - backstage passes to see bands coming to DFW- with the new Dickies arena more music/events will be coming, etc.). He was apart of the design of all these facilities, he built TCU football. TCU is a national brand part of a power conference (no matter what you think of it - Gary will retire before Big 12 dissolves, if it ever does). He is legend. It's more than just money. It's more than what I wrote.

    Not to mention he works with Chris Del Conte one of the best ADs in America. And CDC knows the value of CGP, his coaching staff, and the health of all the sports. I don't think CGP would ever just leave.
    When he is ready to go to his next challenge, whatever that is (which could be retirement or consulting or coaching, or whatever) I think he will do it with class. Sit with CDC, his wife, and important TCU people and have a long thought out plan for the future for TCU football. He is in a situation in which not many coaches get to have. Never say never but no purse, conference affiliation, is going to whip him to go anywhere.
  15. Ten or even five years ago I would have been bricking myself at the thought of Aggy with a job opening pursuing GP. Now I can't even be bothered to open that link.
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  16. Or that Aggie lives in north Dallas and has never been to FTW.
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  17. aggy gonna Baylor

    btw, your replies are a value and appreciated.

    P.S. Margarita Machine...Lounge...Fix It
  18. They're just a bunch of old boys whose daddies made them go to A&M.
  19. The man has a statue in front of our stadium. A STATUE.

    In all of history, there has never been a group of people with such a hyper-inflated sense of self worth as Aggies.
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