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  1. Disagree, his ashes will be gilded into a crown of gold and placed atop his statue with an inscription that reads "Always a Champion, Never an Aggie".
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  2. Rumor has it, this entire TCU season is just an audition for him to get the A&M job.
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  3. Can't have 'em Aggy!

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  4. It's important to remember: Aggy pulled off something of a miracle, in leaving the BIGXII for the SEC, they managed to raise the collective IQ of both Conferences.

    Also, if you like being in the BIGXII, go hug an Aggy.
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  5. I assume Coach Cross is free and probably has a pretty good understanding of how to be successful using Gary's defense. In all there any rumors that he may come back to TCU in some form or fashion?
  6. Only if I get to pick her.
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  7. TBT, the fear in Frogland is that GP retires not that he goes somewhere else...
  8. Annual Horse Dodo from Aggieland.

    Breather opponent for most of the SEC and another Arkansas "MUST WIN" game.
  9. After those quotes came out in the paper I told GP that Dr. Sadler was offered the Presidency of the U of North Carolina at the height of his TCU power. Dr. S. was a native North Carolinian and everyone thought it would be inconceivable that he turn it down. TCU was too important to him and was his legacy so he stayed put. Gary told me not to worry. "It's just that you never let them think they've got you". I quit worrying.
  10. i.e. it's a messed up cult.
  11. Had to read that user name a couple times to make sure not racist.
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  12. They should hire Mack. That would be epic.
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  13. Can you imagine the confusion and chaos if they hired Leach? Trying to press the pirate culture into an already chaotic and nonsensical culture would be a nuclear disaster at some point.
  14. Anyone know CDC's screen name?
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  15. As bizarre as this sounds, I think there's a better than even chance that TAMU hires Briles. They don't really care about things like rape, frolicking females, or public perception. They only care about what other Aggies think. And as soon as he wins a few games for them, they'll form a jack-booted phalanx around him and no accusations from any perverted little tart will ever reach him again.

  16. At 57, he's past the age where he has to move on to a "big" program to prove himself. He's proven. He still has goals to accomplish here and the setting is right (because he has built it).
  17. LOL. But it would the the reason I might watch an A&M game. Leach is fun.
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    I thought Aggy was guaranteed to go after Chip Kelly. Honestly, I think that would be a terrible fit and I hope they do.

    In reality, I think they would be dumb to go after anyone not named Brent Venables. That dude reminds me a lot of Patterson in his intensity, passion, and expectation of perfection. Hopefully he stays at Clemson as a DC for the next 10 years and is available should we desire to scoop him up after, God help us, GP's eventual retirement.
  19. Yep. Tech thought the 4-2-5 was just a plug-and-play kind of defensive fix. Goes to show how little they grasped it.

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