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ADJD Says "Probable" that only 50% or 25% for Football

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by steelfrog, May 27, 2020.

  1. no intelligent person who consumes a hotdog does so without being fully aware of what they will be ingesting.

    if you are older the age of 30 this is what some call building the immune system and if you truly want the full experience you do so by buying from a street cart vendor who isn't wearing gloves and you don't wash your hands or wrap the food in a napkin

    the same can't be said who takes that middle seat and tyler understand i won't be wearing a mask or covering any part of my face when i sneeze or cough
  2. FYI, I’m well over 30, my name is not Tyler, and I enjoy almost all hot dogs. Just don’t understand why a veggie dog would gross anyone out; if it tastes like a dog, eat the dog. My immune system must be even fiercer than yours.
  3. actually have tried multiple variations of "it is just as good as meat, butter, animal byproducts" etc in things prepared and served by our youngest who is vegan.

    all i can say is no
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  4. I am Jack’s raging bile duct.
  5. Then you wouldn’t be on the airplane, as all airlines require a facemask.
  6. once we are in the air all rules and masks are off
  7. Well at least you tried them. I ate some veggie dogs from Trader Joe’s and while they were nothing to get excited about, they were as good as any cheap hotdog. What’s shockingly good is the vegan chorizo from Trader Joe’s. Bought some because had a veggie friend coming over to watch a game. Put that stuff on some tostadas with refried black beans and cheese and is was delicious.
  8. i grill vegetables and fruit quite often and when i do so and someone asks me what i am grilling i don't say something like, or tastes like.
  9. I don’t think you typed that right.
  10. Still one of my favorite movies.
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  11. try the book - one of the best ever.
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  12. Sir, I am a happily married man.
  13. when do i ever type anything accurately?
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  14. It's on my to do list
  15. Some enjoy an exceptional wiener
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  16. My wife wouldn’t know.
  17. Someone had to go there
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  18. I actually like a good veggie burger, especially a black bean burger. But like turkey bacon, it’s fine as its own thing but it doesn’t replace it, imo.
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  19. I’ve never had a veggie burger, but would be willing to try. One of my best friends is Vegetarian and she swears by one served at one of our local bars that is Chickpea based patty. She prefers those and black bean patties to impossible or imitation beef ones. Says the same as you that it shouldn’t be a replacement. She also cheats and eats a real burger like once a year. Ha.

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