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ADJD Says "Probable" that only 50% or 25% for Football

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by steelfrog, May 27, 2020.

  1. What does this do to their push for people to renew season tickets for 2020; tickets that at least half will not be able to be used?
  2. That's way more optimistic than what I am expecting, which is no fans in attendance. I would take 50%, even 25%, in a heartbeat.
  3. 50% is about 24,000 with our new additional seating. How do they handle the suites? Half full or left to the owner's discretion.
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  4. I agree. Theatre of the Absurd.
  5. Just saw an article that ISU will allow only season ticket holders. They must have mostly walk up sales if they are growing to keep people separated.
  6. Just play the damn season with 100% attendance. Nobody’s getting ‘rona at 105 degree game in September
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  7. Steel don’t disagree

    if you are in a group that is “at risk” such as 40+ BMI, over 75 etc, have COPD etc. you need to “self quarentine” and let the rest of us go about our lives
  8. TCU also has to worry about not alienating wealthy (older) donors. I do not think it is as simple as you make it seem.
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  9. I would think you’d alienate a lot more people at 25% than you would at 100%.
  10. so basically like a normal home game. i think the only thing we need to do is allow re-entry at half time. half of the fans show up late, half of the fans don’t come back after halftime. works out perfect.
  11. We could also rejoin the WAC
  12. 50% is where I think this is headed.

    Look, tcu is going to do what everyone else does. We aren’t going to be an industry leader on this. And that’s okay.

    Unlike state institutions, TCU doesn’t enjoy sovereign immunity. So we won’t be more aggressive/open than our public counterparts. By taking reasonable steps and blending into the crowd, we’ll be deemed “reasonable” in our actions and not subject the university to a successful negligence claim of a bunch of people get the virus at a game.
  13. So where do they plan on making us sit? We’ve spent every season since the old stadium was destroyed trying to upgrade to decent seats. Our seats in the old stadium were awesome. I’m going to be pissed if we’re stuck in nosebleed seats just so TCU can virtue signal.
  14. Agree. I'm 70 and "at risk" but that should not affect someone else that is not concerned. Heck, it's football so I would probably go anyway!
  15. How are they going to make this work? Half of the season ticket holders go to one game and the other half the next?
  16. Oh for sure, I wouldn't expect TCU is go against the grain, every school will end up with basically the same guidelines. I just think at this point, given all the information we have, there's little reason not to have a normal season.
  17. I just called the ticket office. Understandably, they have no idea what's going to ultimately happen, but I was told to expect there to be some kind of attendance limitations in place.

    I asked if they were willing to share any ideas that have at least been tossed around for how to possibly implement such polices... guy I spoke to was at a loss and said it's still being actively brainstormed and discussed.
  18. It's damn near unworkable. It'll be a debacle and will probably upset people a lot more than if they just said screw it, nobody can come.

    Seriously, how fun would be it going to the stadium and staying socially distanced? The whole idea is just ridiculous IMO. And I know, something is better than nothing, but damn that would be frustrating with all the virtue signaling all over. I'd just stay home.

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