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2021 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. Not offered yet anyway but Landen King TE at Atascocita has decommitted from UT. At one time appeared to be very solid for the horns and not sure what happened. Auburn seems to be the early leader now but TCU staff still trying and hopefully offer soon.

    Cam Newton's brother is transferring to Auburn FWIW.
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    And then...

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  3. frogs were headed into the season with 5 running backs on the roster, 4 were freshmen with two true freshmen.

    based upon that depth chart would anyone think the frogs needed another running back for this year?
  4. I feel like they will try Guyton at OL first and see if he add some strength and pick up the technique. Traditional OT seems to be a hard sale right now with the recruiting. I personally think we need 3 in this class 2Hs and a JUCO. At the end of the day OL is the most “developed” position on the field so I suppose a lot of volume is necessary.
  5. Not unless it is a slot back/receiver type with very good speed and can also fill a returner slot. They were looking a some kid in Colorado but don't think he will get an offer.

    Right now they have 10 slots open and 4 are committed. I am sure that will change but really that position is very low in need.
  6. I know the staff reached out Jaeden Gill the Ohio St transfer who would have been perfect as scat/slot but he decided to go to BC
  7. uh....frogs already took a third running back in the 2020 class. gives them a very crowded depth chart, but when you have a chance at an elite prospect they went for it
  8. I misunderstood your question.
  9. Guyton is an OL all the way. He can’t play DE at 290 lbs (what he weighs now) he isn’t quick enough to play DE, even if he dropped 20 lbs he still isn’t quick enough for DE. It’s OL or nothin for Guyton.

    And the OLine is actually the LEAST developed position on the field for Tcu. Newbies all over the OLine with only one returning starter.

    STORMENT wasn’t very good at CSU
    MYERS can’t hold onto starting OT
    HOLLINS can’t hold onto starting C
    BURNETT (freshman) likely OG starter
    COKER (freshman) likely OT starter
    McMILLON only returning starter

    OLine is probably going to be very very poor at beginning of season for first 4-5 games til the newbies (hopefully) figure it out. Even the most ardent Frog supporters admit the OLine will be the weakest part of team by far.
  10. Such a bad bit.
  11. Oh scheissing scheiss scheiss scheiss scheiss!!!
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  12. I am sure you are a wonderful youngster and a very sweet guy but this is about as uniformed of a postcas you will ever see on this board. Just flat out ridiculous.

    ARMSTRONG - isn’t cutting it (as per CGP)
    BARQUET - coaches still unsure if DE or DT
    COLEMAN - undersized short freshman
    HORTON - unavailable this yr
    ELLISON - coming off serious injury
    MATHIS - going to be good but not there yet
    BOWEN - still shoulder injury probably done
    WORKMAN - marginal player who’s not really not good enough to start at P5 level but he does play when there are injuries

    MURRAY - very low rated DE

    Tcu needs 2 great superstar DEs in this class and personally I don’t count MURRAY in that category.

    Also CB should a HUGE concern !!
    COLLINS got switched to safety from CB and that makes CB really thin now !!

    K/STEWART - will be good but not there yet
    Cesar - has never started at CB
    Daniel - constantly injured

    TOMLINSON - will be good but not there yet
    Wallace - not a good CB probably back to S
    K/Jenkins - 4 star recruit but tiny at 155 lbs

  13. Welp, might as well forfeit the season then.
  14. WyomingFrog probably thinks he’s being a realist but in all actuality he’s projecting and speculating as much as anyone else around here. He just happens to pick he doom and gloom perspective to speculate about
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  15. He's 110% a troll.
  16. It will be Ellison and Mathis as the two starting DEs to start this season if both are uninjured coming out of Fall Camp. Workman 1st sub.
  17. Thought about responding and then thought, nah.
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  18. Well, there went the 5th spot on my ignore list.

    These are the soles that try men's times. Or something.
  19. will be interesting to see how mark jackson fits in for the frogs as i forgot about him as well.

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