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2021 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. Don’t look at their current commitments then. They are lapping us right now in quantity and quality
  2. Long way to go until December for that school down in Waco and SMU, As we have learned in the past a lot of these commits aren't as solid when they start getting offers from higher profile programs. Let's see if both of them can hold those classes together. I can pretty much guarantee BU 17, SMU 27 TCU 65 will not be the final rankings
  3. No disagreement here the ranking will change quite a bit.
  4. aranda has a good story to sell right now and i do like the quarterback drones

    curious on lanz as a prospect who grows into either a 5 technique or an interior defensive lineman

    hard to really gauge the overall quality of the frogs class as i really like murray as a prospect, don't know much about alabama high school football, and the frogs do have a pledge from the top recruit in germany so they have that going for them....
  5. We own the fertile recruiting hotbed of Germany..Suck it Bama
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  6. Also Deuce Harmon appears ready to commit and UT looks like the choice.
  7. Not ATM??
  8. He is on UT campus (though technically not allowed to see the coaches....). Aggies are all upset and some are saying he is filming a commitment video.
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  9. Heck.....Tech has higher quality rating than Baylor With 6 vs 13 commits; Baylor has 13-3*s so they are winning the quantity battle yes but that won’t last.
  10. especially after we beat the [ #2020 ] out of both of them in 2020
  11. With all due respect since when is listing 12 schools a decision?
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  12. Decision? LOL
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  13. Respect it...
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  14. They aren't "lapping" us in quality.
  15. They have 6 commits rated hire than anyone we have committed. There back half is dragging their player avg down. It’s irrelevant at this point in the cycle but this [ "illegitimate Baylor boys" ] are doing a solid job
  16. Pretty sure they have 3 maybe 4 guys who we went after. For a long time it was one
  17. Getting some slightly higher rated players than us and "lapping" us aren't the same thing. Texas is lapping us.

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