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2021 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. I also want to see this guy play, perhaps especially against Oklahoma.
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    Not sure where BURNETT(soph/not Fr)gets nod to start, with 0 game action.

    Not totally empty with experience... plus some potential new surprises...
    - Centers -
    McMILLON - 2019 in 12 gms 12 starts.
    HOLLINS - 2018 in 11 gms 11 starts
    AVILA - 2019 in 11 gms at C and G

    - Guards -
    HARRIS - 2018 in 11 gms 5 starts (injured most 2019)
    AVILA - 2019 in 11 games at G and C.

    - Tackles -
    WHITE - 2019 in 12 gms 3 starts
    MYERS - 2019 in 11 gms 4 starts
    STORMENT- 2019 in 12 gms 12 starts at CSU (nasty on film)

    - Potential -
    COKER - 6'7" 310 ... played in 3 gms- RFr.
    COLEMAN - 6'6" 320... highly ranked JC - So.
    HAYES - 6'5" 292 ...highly ranked 4* -TFr
    BARLOW - 6'5 360 ... turned down Auburn/VT for Frogs - TFr

    MOST ALL THE GUYS YOU LIST (below) WITH PREVIOUS STARTS, WERE BASICALLY FIRED FROM THEIR JOBS AND MOVED ELSEWHERE (Myers from OT to OG back to OT back again to OG and now being tried again at OT) (Hollins from OG to C then demoted to OG and now back to C) (Q White from OG to OT and will be moved back to OG this season) DUE TO ALLOWING TOO MANY SACKS OR BEING UNABLE TO RUN BLOCK. OLINE THIS YR WILL BE FULL OF FRESHMEN CUZ UPPERCLASSMEN AINT CUTTIN IT.

  4. I’ve never seen two more seemingly crazy and illiterate posters quoting each other like this. I’m going to sit back and enjoy the show.
  5. Its so funny to hear you guys say that, because I must have them BOTH on ignore...which is odd, because I think I only have three people on ignore.
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  6. Since he is one of the people on my VERY short ignore list,, I am going to assume one of them is Wyoming. Who is the other?
  7. Gotta be Wex. I can’t see it either and only have 2 or 3 on ignore.
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  8. asleep003
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  9. WR from Virginia

    Umari Hatcher 6-3/175 Freedom HS recent offers inc MichSt & PennSt

  10. OT from Georgia

    Charlie Patterson 6-6/280 Fellowship Christian, Roswell GA

  11. WR from Virginia

    Umari Hatcher 6-3/175- He has good speed, quick feet, good hands and adjusts to the ball. He really stands out in film. Hell he even plays some good D!
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    Wow Wyoming ... sorry you were so offended. None the less, starts are starts.

    It was hard for these kids to get 2019 starts, from a team that just graduated 4 Seniors with 12 - 32 starts each .. weighing in between 311 - 328 lbs.
    There were lots of movement last year due to injury or other....
    Give these kids a little break ... some comments unnecessary if not demeaning.

    Your zealous reply doesn't support your Burnette's pick to start, by your own analysis. Plus some of your examples, have never heard of ... and consider self fairly on, with what's happening over there. Again, still 34 starts/experience to start with and the more of them that do get beat out, then maybe the better the team will be improved.
  13. I took a screen shot of that mess. It’s too amazing to forget.
  14. Surely you realize the complete and utter folly of your post ?

    OKLAHOMA would dearly LOVE Tcu to throw JACKSON out there on the field against them. JACKSON as you certainly know (or should know) is a bust as a DE and LB at OU. He was 3rd string last season at OU and with the talent OU has coming in this year he was projected by OU coaches to be 4th string for his final year which is why he left.

    I’m sure OU would be thrilled to see one of their 4rh stringers playing against them.

    OU tried to get JACKSON going as a sophomore and threw him out there in all 13 games but the experiment did not work and he never developed so they benched him. Due to injuries he played the first half of season and then when 1st and 2nd stringers healed up, he was benched for second half of season in his junior year.

    In his senior year (last year) he was 3rd string and only played in 4 games so he redshirted and he gets to play his senior year again (at Tcu).

    The way I look at it is if JACKSON is on the field for TCU then to me that means every one of Tcu’s DE and LB are no better than the 4th stringers at OU.

    Anyone here who believes JACKSON is some kind of “hidden gem” superstar is also a person who still believes in the Tooth Fairy.

    Same with STORMENT on the OLine.

    There is a great reason their former schools didn’t want them anymore (and the players knew that - or were told that in JACKSONS CASE - and they left)
  15. WyomingFog,
    You sir are in desperate of a laxative.
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  16. Wonder if Coach Kelly shows of his other talents when trying to connect with the youths.

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  17. I miss Wes reminding us of the rules of the Forum, one of which was not talking about our athletes in a derogatory manner.
  18. Did you know that in modern stylistic conventions it isn’t required to capitalize all the letters in a person’s name? Just the first letter will suffice. We will still understand who you are discussing.
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  19. BONSU!
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  20. For sure. I know exactly what you mean by this.
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