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2021 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. Thought for sure based on Froggish comments that Baylor had like 10 4/5 stars committed for 2021 already.
  2. texas has had an interesting recruiting season so to speak so far.

    they absolutely crushed it for 6-weeks last summer when they pulled 5 4-stars and a 5-star. since then they did land the de out of port arthur who i wished gave the frogs a serious look and then 5 3-stars. still good talent, but not nearly the level they were at last summer

    the two to watch will be the brockermeyer brothers who have strong texas ties, but are looking outside texas as well as ut.
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    took a look at early recruiting rankings for the 2021 classes and a few things stand out

    • minnesota currently has the #8 class in the country and the #2 class in the big 10. they are making big inroads into the chicago area which will be interesting to watch if they can expand in that area.
    • maryland is in the top 20 and mike locksley who was hired for his connections in the dc area is delivering with 11 of his 14 commits being from the dc metro area. curious how long he can do this before the terps go on probation
    • anyone want to take the bet that these teams won't finish ranked in this order at the end of the 2021 recruiting class next winter: smu (27), iowa state (28), kansas (36), texas tech (37), duke (42), alabama (44). in the spirit of cnn i should disclose that bama only has 4-5 recruits at this time and all the others have more, but i am still open to the wager that order won't hold
    • utsa is currently ranked in the top 50 with a #45 class. jeff traylor has a rep as a strong recruiter with east texas ties and you can see that in their current class.
  4. Lapping obviously riled some of your feathers. To strong a word I suppose. Volume plays to big a role in recruiting rankings. A school who has a young roster that can’t take more than 10-15 recruits is penalized by the recruiting services. The proper question a fan should ask is did we fill out roster needs with high ceiling recruits. It’s really all that matters. Right now TCU hasn’t filled enough slots for us to really know. Still some big targets out there.
  5. Unfortunately not one of our guys but interesting stat still.

  6. hire? Are they putting their recruits on the payroll?
    Spit Blood ~~<~<and fuk baylor!!
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  7. on paper this is a very, very good year for the defensive end position in texas and the best in quite some time.

    7 of the top 50 prospects are projected to defensive end so tcu needs to get some work done in state and no damn reason virginia tech and minnesota are coming down here pulling defensive linemen out of the state

    would love to see tcu end up with regis from la porte who is currently a minnesota commit
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  8. Tyler Maro OT 6-7/257 Assumption High Davenport, IA offers include AzSt, Indiana, KSSt, Iowa, Oregon, UCLA and many others

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    The DE position appears to be full for 2021:

    Returning (6)

    Committed (1)

    I know some can slide to other positions but with the class size for 2021 being very limited it is tough to see them overload too much at one position. Good news is at least number-wise other than TE (Need 2) and QB (Need 1 and they have 2 commits) the positions are really well stocked depth-wise (you can argue talent...). So there is some wiggle room and I know the want to use some of that on beefing up the OL, DBs and WRs, maybe a very good DT. So what is left? Another DE would be nice but it may come down to a numbers game and unknown transitions.
  10. based upon last year's play against the run and lack of pass rush those are names on a list with 4 of the 7 yet to play a down and a number needing to gain size and strength

    too many talented pass rushers to in the state this year not to bring in a couple
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  11. Some JUCOs being looked at to fill some holes:

    Anthony Belton OT 6-6/320 Georgia Military

    Koby Gross 6-3/235 Diablo


    Also JUCO TE Quentin Moore (offered) expected to announce Sunday with Washington and Oklahoma State apparent favorites.
  12. Regis is currently committed to Minn because we backed off, so there actually IS a reason.
  13. thanks, very few defensive tackles in high school are athletic enough to effectively play te / fb so i am sure staff has their reasons
  14. Lots of youth at that position so that makes it even tougher to overload right now. Things can definitely change but emphasis seems to be elsewhere currently.
  15. Yeah, I'm not sure I agree with them backing off, but for whatever reason they did.
  16. you can find receivers and defensive backs every year, but defensive linemen are rare and if tcu wants to truly compete for a big 12 title they must get better in both lines

    would much rather prefer an 8th de or another dtackle to another wide receiver
  17. I’m all for loading up in the trenches but We have 20+ OL on the roster and we are still offering JUCOs..Not a very good indicator the staff likes much of the OT youth in house.
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  18. The real issue is TCU has way to many DT and DE that probably aren’t going to make an impact or are going to need another 2 years before they can contribute. There’s like 15 scholarship DL on the roster with 12 having 2 or more to play. Of those 12 not a one is someone we have any sort of confidence to be a difference maker.

    The DL group is made up of mysteries and career role players
  19. Only 14 returning for 2021 and of those only 4 are pure OTs though they have 4 listed as swing players (OL). They need 1 OT and one C.

    Just in general discussions the position for Tyler Guyton seems to be open to multiple options including DE, DT or OT. At 6-6/275 last season he played primarily DT at Manor but has experience on the OL as well. His arm length is ideal for either DE or OT.
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