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2020 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. I believe it says that in Latin on the official seal of the SEC
  2. Can you text pics of a new Porsche?
  3. Auburn LB Richard Jibunor entered the transfer portal..Would love to get involved with him..I think he could help at DE and have 2 to play after sitting
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  4. he big enough to play de?
  5. Can you sext recruits? I think if I wrote “Come to TCU” with a sharpie on my balls and then snapped a picture and sent it to a recruit we would land him for sure.
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  6. He’s 6-3 215 and played for them as a true Freshman..He’s likely at 220 right now and could probably add 15
  7. awful light for defensive end, especially with teams in the conference trending toward the run game.

    i think the kid is an interesting prospect, 2 time alabama state champ in the 300m hurdles, bit of baggage, but i worry about the exception rule.

    curious if he could project to linebacker.
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    Guy is clearly an athlete..If he can run he would make a long body for GP at LB

    Edit...Looked at his highlights from his Sr year..Was a really good WR on top of DE..
  9. I moved the voting in his favor .1%. Mission accomplished.
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  10. Just voted like 30 times, literally. And it jumped a point and a half basically. Gonna take a lot of votes.
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  11. I thru about 10 at him.. He’s way behind
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    Yes Please! We are way late to the party on this guy but he holds offers from damn near everyone and has already announced a top 7...Hope Fitch can get him but it feel like we are throwing darts. Maybe Fitch knows something
  13. Which makes me wonder how the other guy got so far out ahead of everyone...anyway, keep gettin the votes in. I try to get 15 in per deuce.
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  14. The dude only has 12 offers...
  15. could be family, coaching staff at hardin pushing it, community thing.

    vype is merely looking for hits on their site because if you watch clips or games and cilips of the kid from hardin it doesn't take too much to see who is the better prospect and who is making plays.
  16. Saw where 4star CB Dontea Manning decommitted from OU today...Anyone know if we’ve been in on him?
  17. Not knowing anything about this athlete, not knowing anything about his recruitment, not knowing anything, I dont even know who this kid is. My guess Texas A&M just bought a new commit. Now tell me his story and who people think he will go to now decommitted from OU. If I'm right I just going to laugh and college football is so corrupt.

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