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2020 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Oct 13, 2017.

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    Kell began his scholarship in January, so you assumed correctly.
    Edit: His uncle just saw this and informed it starts in June.
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  2. this is the younger brother who is not as talented as the older brother and a spare part to bama now that older brother has left the program
  3. "Tis better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all"

    I'll be rooting for you guys in the NIT.
  4. Let’s see... we lost the Fiesta Bowl but won the Rose and Peach Bowl (2-1 in major bowls vs 0-3)TCU finished in the top 10 what? Six times in the last decade or so, including #2 and #3? The Bears finished in the Top 10 once in the last 60 years... oh, and we won the NIT... trust me y’all will chicken choke again this year...as always
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  5. Just like an SMU Mustang this guy is, you know.

    Coming in after finally winning a game in football vs. TCU that was even controversial at that. They'll go back to normal losing to TCU 4 out of 5 times. Everything will be back to normal. He knows that to be true.

    TCU has never been any good in basketball going back to CUSA days, so not sure if bragging how much better they are than TCU means much. Maybe he can get a fist bump from a Tulsa fan or something?

    As good as they get in basketball they'll never win a men's national championship. Come on let's be real. Tournament time they ain't getting the calls like Big 12 hands them. Big 12 is trying to get two teams in top seeds so don't get too excited. Bearly knows. And if he doesn't he is a SMU Mustang. I remember when they were something they thought was special in basketball. Lol.

    Get out here, you make me laugh.
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  6. GTFOH
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  7. Rape.
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  8. Ha! Jokes on you. We won’t be in the NIT!
    You apparently haven’t seen us play lately!
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  9. Bearly liking the posts and not responding tells me she isn't a Baylor fan. More just a troll than anything. Baylor is just the flavor she likes to use.

    Time to put the ban hammer on her mods if there is anymore mods for killerfrogs.
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  10. Who cares either way. Clearly trying to get under everyone's skin because he or she has nothing better to do. It sad actually. I can assure that will never be me!
  11. Cute. Feel free to list every significant thing that Baylor has ever won in any sport that anyone cares about (so not women's basketball).
  12. The Camry TRD makes 301 hp and has great handling. Pretty cool if you like that sort of thing.
  13. To be honest TCU Athletics is somewhat of a hot mess right now. Football program is sliding backwards year after year, basketball continues to gets worse by the day, baseball is likely not as competitive. At same time folks see Baylor finds success in basketball/football/baseball, OU continue to be winning OU, Tech play for a national championship last year in basketball and baseball should be good again. All in all TCU Athletics has taken a significant step back from a few short years ago.
  14. I blame CDC.
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  15. Sports success is cyclical (except TCU basketball)

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