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2020 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Can some translate millennial to gen x and tell me what’s going with sylvester?
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  2. I can only translate millennial to baby boomer, never understood gen x.
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  3. I’m semi-fluent in millennial, but these kids aren’t millennials.
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  4. Why not put this here. LT was incredible.
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  5. Word. My bad.
  6. As some one that grew up in Anna, I am just proud to see him get out of there and have a shot at his dream. I know it’s not the same small town it was when I graduated 13 years ago. All those similar towns are growing with the metroplex expansion, and they actually have some solid athletes in the developing areas.
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  7. Hopefully some more good news


  9. trend now for a juco player to sit out and red-shirt?

  10. ??????

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    He was a qualifier in 2018 but went JUCO as a QB and now is a 2019 Tight End.
    No need to sit out.
    He hasn't redshirted already. So yes, he can play in four games this year and still redshirt.
    I bet that's what TCU would have done with him.
    He was a QB all thru high school and the first three games this year in JUCO.
    He has very little experience at TE, only this last year at Kilgore after the third game.
    Based on his inexperience at TE, and he had never had to block before, not a big loss.
  12. Maybe he's pulling a Daylon Mack
  13. This kid....Today......Fingers.......Crossed
  14. my point was that just as with danny gray, instead of staying at their repsective juco and then moving on to a 4-year school, he is leaving the juco early.
  15. Hate to butt in but I think Gray needs to finish and get his 2 year degree. He is just going to take his RS year this fall but stay at Blinn.

  16. I just called Fiesta Nissan, they said he committed to TCU.
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