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2020 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Wait did he just run the wildcat to the left side?....Is that legal?
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  2. No. He ran to the right side. That’s why we offered him.
  3. Do not have a subscription so cannot read. I assume it is in regards to reports that he will not qualify and decommitted from UVA several weeks ago as a result.

    Hopefully he can qualify at TCU and staff somewhat positive but it is not a given.
  4. Basically UVA people saying he can’t get into UVA (higher standards than many other places).
  5. Too good of a deal to pass up. Now I can see what all the hoopla is about.
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  6. Moose gets 50% of all Commission earned. PAY UP
  7. OK, sold. Finally.
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  8. Sucker.
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  9. Unfortunately UVA may not be the only school he cannot get into.
  10. So his rumored commitment to Rice wasn't true after all
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  11. I’m fine with taking guys like this. It’s how we got LaMarcus McDonald (among others) and why we should have taken Ezukanma last year IMO.
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  12. The rules that allowed LaMarcus McDonald to qualify no longer exist.
  13. I’m not talking about specific rules. I’m talking about rolling the dice on a few talented kids that are qualifying risks.
  14. This feels like a Dylan Jordan situation. I think we can get him up to speed
  15. Thats all good I am just saying he may not qualify. If he does that would be great.
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  16. If UVA has higher than required standards that doesn’t mean he won’t qualify by NCAA rules. Worth taking a shot in any case.
  17. 247 elitist are going to be pissed more KF people are coming
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  18. I cancelled my sub last Monday. Mainly because the price of crack in my neighborhood keeps going up and sacrifices had to be made. But this deal got me back in the game. Of course it’s for new subscribers only which I suppose I technically am.
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  19. Why do you think I’m sending people over there?

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