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  1. Yes, we can’t take an MLB SVP’s email at face value and don’t know if a former MLB lead negotiator is accurate and truthful when he says:

    “I personally reviewed all of the documents and the bargaining notes from the dispute over the provision about renegotiating salaries and they are just clear that it does not state what Scott Boras and Tony Clark have said.”.

    However, I don’t trust anything Scott Boras says and I think Tony Clark is inept.
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  3. Bregman is a [ hundin] and has always been a [ hundin]. He was a [ hundin] against us in the CWS.

    I hope his stats plummet now that he can't cheat anymore. He isn't that good
  4. He is certainly a hate-able little [ hundin]. But the little [ hundin] can hit, cheating or not.
  5. I find this approach by Topps pretty interesting.

    Some of these designs are good, but there’s some hits and some misses.

    That Rivera card was terrible to begin with but this is quite bad...

  6. I would prefer the NL not adopt the DH but I do feel like it’s getting closer to happening.

    Nightengale May be right...

    —The players, knowing it will prolong careers and inflate checking accounts, are advocating for it. Most general managers, fearful of their prized pitchers getting hurt at the plate or on the basepaths, are in favor. Many fans, wanting as much offense as possible, are craving it.

    —The ultimate decision will come next year during the collective bargaining agreement negotiations for the 2022 season and beyond. There needs to be 75% approval of all owners to make the call, with half of the owners, of course, residing in the National League.
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  7. Fair question...

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