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  2. odds baseball scheisss this up?
  3. Seems likely at this point.
  4. Am I the only one that does not see any sort of "smoking gun" in the article?
  5. Well, I don’t know if I would have phrased it as a smoking gun, but it’s the part below ...referring to Matt Nussbaum, deputy general counsel for the players.

    Now maybe Nussbaum will dispute that characterization ... but we’ll see.

    —Matt asked what ‘economic feasibility’ meant in Section I. I told him it meant that we would only consider playing in neutral sites or without fans if it worked for us economically. I reminded him of Rob’s comments at the outset that playing in empty stadiums did not work for us economically. But I said, for example, that we might be willing to have a conversation about playing some limited number of games in empty stadiums if players agreed to reduce their daily salaries for those games, and if it was part of a larger plan that made economic sense. Matt confirmed that that is what he thought we meant, but appreciated the confirmation.”
  6. These fools trying to strong-arm the A's are so stupid. Who else are they going to get who could/would pay that rent for that facility? I hope this gets very ugly.
  7. Exactly my point. The ownership's "smoking gun" is an internal email saying that they talked with the MLBPA counsel and believe they have the same understanding. We do not have any sort of email or documentation from MLPBA confirming that understanding or that they are in agreement with the MLB's interpretation.

    Either way, I am not super hopeful for an MLB season. However, I do not think I would really blame the players or the owners. I would just characterize it as a business deal not being able to reach a compromise. It sucks, but it happens. I think the rest of the public will be on the owners side because that is how these things go, but It is what it is.
  8. Both the NBA and MLB have already screwed up. They should both be starting play/spring training June 1.
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  9. San Antonio A's.
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  10. they still have plenty of options to leverage against the a's.

    why all they need to do is promise the raiders a few renovations and a sweet heart deal and they aren't going anywhere......


    on second thought time to lock the warriors down in oakland right......


    plan c, lure the xfl team from la to pit against the a's .....


    yeah...hello mr beane, why don't we start over on this .....
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  11. isn’t that a good thing... I don’t want my city spending money on sports stadiums.

    Edit: don’t love in Oakland. Just a general “my city” meaning anywhere I live. I wouldn’t want tax money going toward a sports stadium.
  12. agree in part though events like the houston rodeo and the offshore trade show brings in significant money each and every year until this past one where one was suspended and the other cancelled.

    the question to me comes down to who controls the property and who is on the hook for the stadium

  13. Manfred and MLB attorneys plan to present an economic plan to the union by Friday
    , two people with direct knowledge of the negotiations told USA TODAY Sports, perhaps outlining with greater detail their projected losses in 2020.

    The players want the owners to at least prove their economic duress, which they formally requested a week ago. If the owners demonstrate their projected financial losses, the players may be amenable to softening their stance on restructuring salaries, which already is costing them about $2 billion.

    —They each are hoping an agreement can be reached by June 3. The players report to spring training on June 10. The regular season season starts July 1. And the entire postseason is completed by Halloween.

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