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  1. Agree 100 %! And going on record with the words “unless I get mine” is not a good look, especially when dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars and potentially millions when thousands have lost jobs and money.
  2. It's an awful look. Very poorly thought out decision by him. Look, I'm fine with a guy looking out for himself (even if I disagree with his reasoning) but now isn't the time to be blasting it on the internet. And did he really want to tell people that basically he'd risk his life for 3.5 million but not for 2 million (or something in that general amount)??? And that's setting aside that you aren't really risking your life if you've been paying attention. Thank god for agents (can't believe I just said that) or there's no telling what some of these guys would say.
  3. I've accepted the possibility that there won't be a season and I'm fine with it. I can't tell you how much time I have now to work on projects around the house, read a book, spend more time with my family. By next year I will have finally finished all the projects, read every book I care to and I'll be tired of my family.
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  4. Plus I've already saved tons of money on games, parking, beer and trips to Fantasy Ranch after the games with my ticket stub.
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    Once I started seeing Scott Boras and players like Trevor Bauer and Blake Snell treating this pretty much like a typical MLB labor stand-off I lost a lot of interest in whether there is a season or not.

    Seems completely tone-deaf to me at a time when this is going on...

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  6. Just watched Game 5 of 2011 WS. That's a hard watch knowing we just needed 1 more after that. Napoli was an absolute beast. I remember the drive home after the game. I flew home riding the biggest high of my life. Couldn't sleep for 2 days. Here we are 9 years later and it was the last time they won a WS game. Sports can be cruel.
  7. It really doesn't bother me. When 350M Americans are being held hostage by a few hundred politicians, the whims of 800 ballplayers are the least of my concerns.
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  8. One of my favorite sports moments.

  9. The Ticket had a segment on the fight last night. That moment basically signalled the downturn for both of their careers and the success of both teams.
  10. Haven’t brought myself to watch that series outside of highlights. Loved the other series they showed from the playoffs. Ballpark was rocking during that two year run. Went to the one game the Rangers won in 2010 and saw Albert hit 3 bombs in 2011.
  11. That’s actually what I was saying.
  12. The quality of play for the next couple years is going to suffer greatly.
  13. Why?

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