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2020 Dalton Watch

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by jugbandxmas, Oct 19, 2020.

  1. I turned it off at the half too. Yes the OL was awful, but don't they have 4 out of 5 starters hurt?
  2. I would just like some good TCU related things to rally around. I mean, Women’s soccer, but it’s soccer.
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  3. Exactly, they lost Martin in the game too and are missing both starting tackles. Total mash unit and they looked like it.
  4. I thought it was only going to take 5 years to build the depth to compete in that division. Or was that something else?
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  5. Yes, and one of the 4 "starters" that is out is only starting because the actual starter retired. Cowboys current OL is a bunch of spares.
  6. Jones didn’t learn his lesson. Paying all that $$ to what are interchangeable parts. Never should have given Elliot and Cooper all that $$
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  7. You're actually the one who was crediting Dak with 2 comeback wins. And I'm petty sure he lost a fumble in that game too. In fact fumbles have been a problem for Dak and Elliott all year. Big reasons why they're constantly losing by 30 in every 4th quarter.
  8. Ha, yea I don't actually walk around with a top 10 list in my pocket. Just saying Dalton would either be close to the bottom or just outside the top 10. I don't award bonus points just because he was the QB of some great teams. He was a terrific player obviously but was never an All-American and we've had several of those in the last 20 years. I know many people view all average QB (not saying Dalton was average) as a better player than an elite LG but I try to look at how well someone plays their position as opposed to how important their position is. Otherwise every list of top players would be 90% QB's.

    And some of it depends on what you would consider the GP era. I'm including LT and Aaron Schobel but if you don't count those 2 then there's probably no way to name 10 players before Andy.
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    Don't try to make my top 10 list on my behalf. And to clarify I never said Andy wasn't in the top 10 I just said I'm not sure he is. So he's borderline. Maybe I'm fuzzy with the timeline but I basically look at everything since 2000 as the GP era though I guess technically 2000 was Fran. But since you started naming players then I feel compelled to speak for myself now...

    A. Schobel
    Dwight Smith
    Bram K.

    Just kidding on the last 2 obviously. I'd probably go Dalton at #9 actually now that I'm actually putting a real list together. Those top 6 are pretty solid imo then there's a group of several players including Andy who you could make a case for. Cannon and Schobel who I listed plus Kerley, Dawson, Reagor, Blacklock, Gladney. That's just off the top of my head so I could be forgetting a couple others.
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    Dalton, Boykin, Kerley, Hughes, Verrett, Doctson, Carder, Phillips, D Washington,
    honorable mention: Dawson, Newhouse

    I consider LT and A Schobel pre-GP

    Interesting that every player I mention except Doctson and h.m. Dawson joined the Frogs before we announced we were going to the Big XII.
  11. Top 10 lists?

    I hate Covid!
  12. I am hoping for Dalton to shine today. It’s the Redskins, so the Cowboys should look better.

    I’m always gonnna be a Dalton fan.
  13. This defense is awful
  14. Cowboys defense getting scalped.
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  15. Same song, next verse:
    Where's his protection?
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    Huge respect for those of you that choose to follow up watching TCU on Saturdays by watching Dallas on Sundays. Your pain tolerance levels are far beyond that of a mortal human.
  17. Cowboy OL makes our OL look good.
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