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2020 Dalton Watch

Discussion in 'Scott & Wes Frog Fan Forum' started by jugbandxmas, Oct 19, 2020.

  1. Which is why Andy’s numbers won’t be horrible.
  2. If you believe Andy - in 2020 - is a "starting level NFL QB", then there's not really any need to discuss any further. It is enlightening that you believe there isn't a significant gap between Dak and Daniel Jones, or Dwayne Haskins, or Drew Lock, or Sam Darnold. Anyone who has watched any part of any game in 2020 - or anyone who understands statistics at the most rudimentary level - would vehemently disagree with you. But I guess everyone is allowed to have an opinion, no matter how wrong it may be.
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  3. Ok. Thanks for pointing out the absolute worst starting QB's in the NFL because those are definitely the guys I had in mind. Dalton is better than all those guys.

    On a seperate note - the Cardinals just put up 38 with their starting QB completing 38% of his passes. Football is a team game.
  4. How bad is Mike McCarthy and his staff? I don't want to have to miss the the consistent mediocrity of the Jason Garrett days.
  5. I'm no Dalton apologist by the way. I've been killed by many on here for thinking Boykin was the far superior Frog QB and I'm not sure I'd put Andy in my top 10 Frogs of the GP era. Just think he's getting a bit of a bad rap in this one game. I mean it's his 1st start of the year playing in a disaster of a team with a historically bad defense and a crippled o-line and then their supposed best player spends the 1st half coughing up the ball.
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  6. Oh also one of those 2 comeback wins you cited was actually Dalton who completed it. And the other needed the most insane onside kick of my lifetime. But sure give Dak some credit as well obviously. Just make sure you also credit his role in creating those huge deficits to begin with.
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  7. Well, somebody led the Frogs to two straight undefeated regular seasons and two straight BCS bowls (dang near 3), including a Rose Bowl championship. Curious to see your top 10.
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  8. Dalton looked somewhat like Duggan vs. KState. No pocket and no time to throw.
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  9. Ok, before I even attempt I'll qualify by saying this is a silly opinion and should be rightly laughed at. HOWEVER if one were to make an attempt:

    Reagor, Verrett, Hughes, Cannon, Doctson, Boykin, Tank, Kerley, Gladney, Dawson / Boyce?

    (Obviously leaving LT off there. Don't think it's fair to count him as part of the GP era)
  10. ^^^ All good or great players. But Andy plays QUARTERBACK. That puts him at the top of my list.
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  11. Sadly this post makes me happier....
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    This was basically the game ... 2 Elliott fumbles and the dropped TD.

    Dalton not gonna have success without a run game or getting behind big where he has to throw a lot.

    They got killed in the run game:
    Cowboys: 97 yards
    Cardinals: 261

    Leading to way too many pass attempts:
    Cowboys: 54
    Cardinals: 24

    This Cardinals team always seemed like a scary match-up ... Murray is dynamic and they can score points quickly.

    Cowboys play 1-5 Washington and 1-4-1 Eagles next ... we’ll see how they do there.
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  13. I literally quoted you! LOL.

    If you want to use the “Football is a team game” card, this is EASILY the best the defense has played since Week 1. Arizona did next to nothing offensively for most of this game. But turnovers and horrific offensive play by the Cowboys set them up time and time again. Who was the QB tonight?
  14. You did a terrific job of confirming your own bias by mentioning the Giants comeback, because the Cowboys were AHEAD when Dak got injured. Do you know why they fell behind? A huge part of it had to do with AD fumbling deep in his own territory which gave the Giants a go-ahead TD.

    If it wasn’t about something so ultimately trivial, your intellectual dishonesty would be pretty insulting.
  15. The oline was terrible. Hard to do anything offensively with that (cue TCU correlations). That said, when Andy got some time he looked scared. I would be too after taking a few free shots to my ribs.
  16. I quit watching at half time.

    Andy running for his life on every pass play and Zeke the human pin cushion turnover machine (he looks like an extra in a Mad Max remake) was too much to observe.

    Cowboys are just horrible and anyone who thinks it is Andy's fault is nuts.

    Cowboys stink because Jerry thinks he's a football genius when he is a baffoon with a wallet.

    Rich does not equal talent.

    This hot mess of a team was built when Jimmy Johnson left.

    Last decent Cowboys team was in 1995.

    That's 25 years of Czar Jones playing with his toy soldiers and thinking that athletic ability alone defines a football team.

    Andy can't save a 25 year old corpse of a team as long as Jerry has his cancerous grip on the football control throttle of the Dallas Cowboys.
  17. It doesn't matter who the quarterback for the Cowboys is at this time. They are horrible. Can't hold on to the ball. Can't block. Can't play defense. Yet, they may make the playoffs at 6-10. The NFL East should not be allowed to have a playoff team this year.
  18. The Cowboys are a disaster right now, no QB other than maybe Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers could fix that. That is not Andy's fault.

    But the truth is Andy is a low-level NFL starter at best, he's not "saving" any team. The deflections and blaming the team, the receivers, the running backs, just anyone but the TCU guy gets kind of tiresome. Heard the same thing from Baylor fans regarding RG3...it was ALWAYS the fault of everyone around him, not RG3. Kind of heard the same thing about Doctson too...if only he wouldn't have been drafted by the Redskins and had a decent QB to throw him the ball, yada yada yada.

    Andy has had a hell of a career given his ability, that dude has nothing to be ashamed of. But he is what he is.
  19. There's a reason the "Dalton line" is a thing.

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