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2019 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. I imagine he’s saying that we are reaching because we missed on all our top targets.
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  2. guess, and he doesn't have to see it the way i see it, but then again i have been selling [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] for a long time and learned that sometimes the best prospects end up being the worst clients and some of the best clients/friends are people i literally bumped into getting coffee etc..

    you never know unless you choose to stop asking
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  3. Scrambling for bodies perhaps. I don't know.
  4. Dirk gets an automatic like.
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  5. Agree. I don't know- but it seems like we are throwing out a lot of offers to guys that aren't being heavily recruited by other people. Maybe we get a couple of Kindreds.

    What I do know is our kicking game has sucked for two years. We need to address that problem.

    PS I bet you are damn good at selling [ steaming pile of Orgeron ]
  6. The kid in question here does have good offers. As for the kicking part...... there’s this other TCU website, it has really good info, you pay $10 a month for it......
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  7. Catalon had an in home with herman Tuesday
  8. Wasn’t the punter/kicker info on the podcast? That is free, right?
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  9. Pretty well established that this staff tries to lock down about 18-20 before the season, then leaves about 5 schollies for late bloomers.

    We are now in the late bloomer portion of our recruiting.
  10. You think he kissed him?
  11. Newton is ahead like 2,244,237 - 6 tonight and Barlow has pretty much every TD.
  12. Probably not, but no doubt he brought a cup, asked him to piss in it, and he evaluated his urine by first looking at its color. Second, smelling it. And finally took a sip, closed his eyes, tilted his head back, and swirled it around in his mouth for a full 20 seconds.

    And everyone knows, Herman swallows.
  13. TMI
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  14. Dee Winters is having a big night as well. His Burton club is down a couple points late.
  15. He must do some crazy boat after a couple rails.
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  16. I hope they’re paying you a commission
  17. That place averages about 10 posts a day so I’m not sure I’m doing them much good TBH.
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  18. That Newton game is 72-12 late 3rd FWIW. They are just shredding some good HS teams.
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  19. I wouldn't be shocked if these late bloomers turned out to be one helluva senior class.
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  20. All of of recruiting is reaching....
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