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2019 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. And all 5 of them are steel.
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  2. don't you mean сталь
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  4. 2nd visit with him in the last week or so (unless this is a picture from an earlier visit). Tells me other schools (UT) are still sniffing around.

    Also..... how old is little brother? Can he play DE?
  5. I know recruiting is a dirty game, but with Urban retiring again, I would think that you could use it as ammo against or to combat a UT sales pitch. (“ seems to be some smoke surrounding Smith and his allegations against Herman” etc). Maybe not, maybe recruits don’t care, but I can see their parents caring.
  6. Who are we recruiting at Katy this year? I assume not Glass.

    Maybe this is just stopping in to say hi since they are in the area?
  7. This is the type of kid that makes QBs and RBs look good or bad. He seems like a kid who can anchor a line for 2 or 3 years. I would say second most important behind Duggan.
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  8. That's where Coker plays but I'm sure there are others from there to where it makes sense to keep in good stead with the coaching staff.
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  9. That’s not Katy HS, that’s Taylor.
  10. New name to watch 6-5/295 JUCO OT Darius Tisdale from Lackawanna in Scranton PA. Recent offers include Arkansas and Rutgers:

  11. lamar grad and i found the comment about the defensive alignment he uses interesting.


    i know that it doesn't guarantee anything, but these kids get bombarded by why they need to go to the big name schools and it never hurts to having any little thing that shows people understand what tcu can offer their players.
  12. pulling for andrew to sign in two weeks because i don't trust mensa and the texas staff for one scheissing minute.
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  13. Staff is working extremely hard to hold this class together. Got to appreciate the close
  14. You always put these random athletes on the page. They look great, but is TCU going after them or are these guys you like and hope TCU is going after them?
  15. If I put it on here there has been at least some contact regarding the player.
  16. Fitch up in Ohio at Pickerington Central. Along with WR/CB Terry Simuel looking at DT Dewayne Carter (Committed to Duke with offers from ND, Michigan, Michigan St and many others) 6-4/290. Both All-Metro as well as you know who:



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  17. I guess he’s open to play OL too?

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