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2019 Recruiting Thread

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by Moose Stuff, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. i know that at the lower levels you do see some pretty big blow outs from time to time, but i really can not recall a margin as big as newton's 79-12 destruction of daingerfield in a state quarterfinal game.

    maybe it was because the 3 future frogs were really comfortable playing at abe martin stadium in lufkin or maybe it was just because newton was hyped from hearing all the talk about daingerfield being capable of pushing if not beating them.

    72 points in 3 quarters is just absurd 4 games into the play-offs and to this point newton has outscore their play-off opponents 276 -31.

    here is a link to a write up and pictures from east texas sports network


    numbers for the newton trio for the game

    darwin barlow

    16 rushes 118 yards and 3 td's

    4 catches 114 yards and 2 td's

    tamauzia brown

    2 rushs 19 yards and 1 td

    2 catches 27 yards and 1 td

    josh foster

    7 rushes for 36 yards

    7 of 15 for 164 yards and 3td's

    if you are in the houston area next friday night newton plays east bernard, friday dec 14th @ 7:30 pm in porter.

    east bernard is where former frog receiver ty slanina played quarterback leading them to a state title his senior season.

    they are 13-1 this year and normally are sound on defense and play fairly physical, but...........
  2. I think T Brown threw a TD in that game too.

    Edit.... he did

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  3. Supposedly it was about as heated a blowout could be. Daingerfield was talking all kinds of stuff this week leading to the game.
  4. I heard Newton attempted a FG on first down with like 2 minutes left.
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  5. Dominique Seastrunk related to Lache?
  6. Spelled differently in that tweet.
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  7. thanks for catching that, 11 freaking td's in a quarterfinal game.

    a friend sent a link to a 76 page thread on david smoak's board that started prior to the game and continued a bit after that proves internet insanity isn't confined just to this board. only read the last few pages


    newton does have a freshman running back who went for 70 yards on 7 carries and will be one to watch in the future along with the big de next year.
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  8. Tweet is misspelled. I researched but couldn’t determine if they were related.
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  9. Alabama reaches really well.
  10. I have a subscription there but didn't listen-enlighten me?
  11. Be patient
  12. Yep. It sucks when you take a 25 man class and there are only like 8-10 5 stars in the country so you have to backfill with some lowly 4 stars.
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  13. JC basically said we are no longer recruiting the punter we offered and strongly hinted that there was now another P/K firmly in the picture.
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  14. Thanks. I feel better.
  15. near the end of the long thread on smoak's board there is reference to prior comments made about daingerfield ending newton's season, that daingerfield had been wanting to face newton etc.......

    the friend i referenced the other day made a passing comment that dennis alexander, the daingerfield coach of those legendary teams of the 80's, was a no quarter given type of guy and last night was definitely karma from the perspective of a number of former coaches in east texas
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  16. Yeah I read part of that thread. Makes me miss The Pig that I used to read and was the first board I read back in the mid 2000’s. I think that board formed with Smoaky. I’m sure some of those old timers in deep east Texas loved what happened last night especially the FG to try and get to 82. Never saw those Dangerfield teams but their offenses punting on third down had to rub some people the wrong way
  17. Was expected to use one of his last 2 OVs to see TCU. Hope that doesn't change:

  18. You for sure do. I've been reading on here since 2009, but only joined 247 about 2 years ago. I rarely actually post on here, but I feel like I am fairly active over there.

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